81-year-old man, please wait for another date

Born in '81, 40 years old. 176/140, rooster, Taurus. Divorced more than 3 years ago. Had a son. Have their own company. Got a house, got a car. Honest person, love outdoor sports, travel, like movies, music. Not a stuffy person, positive and love life. No smoking, no drinking, no bad habits. I hope to find someone who I understand, who understands me, who can share the joys and sorrows. Simple, filial, able to take care of both parents. I hope my future life will be plain and sweet. I hope my life is not traveling alone, but two people can enjoy the scenery along the way. The initiative will have a story, the solution to know whether to fit each other. I believe I will find the one who belongs to me here, contact information please add QQ: 495069152 (please prepare the meaning of coming) →◎← Good, comfort →◎← Can be introduced, it doesn't matter to a friend →◎← I a female friend also divorced. Too bad she didn't want to. →◎← I thought I was looking for an 81-year-old husband →◎← I thought I was looking for an 81-year-old wife……. →◎← Its condition is very good! →◎← Unfortunately a lot smaller than me, otherwise it is the character I like, of course, this is just unilateral, first look at your private prosecution, the most important thing is to get along, can tolerate each other, understanding, complete →◎← You want to hide for you spare it? Oh →◎← If the conditions are good, it depends on the character →◎← refueling duck →◎← me? I'm a girl, and my friend is a girl, too. What do you mean by that? →◎← Fat water does not flow outside the field, see their relatives have a good first cover →◎← Thank you →◎←!!!
On the last day of 2011, my father's condition was extremely unstable, and the doctor asked us to inform our relatives during these two days. My daughter was studying at the driving school, the next day to participate in the subject three exam, we decided between the sisters: temporarily not to tell her, wait for her to finish the exam. But at 11:30 that night, my father suddenly and peacefully left… The next morning, my daughter called me excitedly and told me: "Mom, tell you a good news, subject three passed!" I asked her quickly, "Can you come back in the afternoon?" She was very alert and asked, "What's wrong?" I choked and said: "Grandpa left……." At once she wailed, "When?" I choked back my grief. "11:30 last night." It felt like she was beating her chest and crying, "Why didn't you tell me? ! Grandpa, my grandpa….." "I didn't tell you because it was too late and you had an exam today." Sobbing, she hung up on me. At seven o 'clock in the afternoon, the daughter, who was grieving and tired, arrived at the funeral hall. With her head buried deep, she knelt before her father's portrait, silently mourning and weeping; We present, none of us dare to disturb her, only watching from a distance. I do not know when, my sister found that her daughter was missing, and after that, we saw her crying into tears beside the glass coffin, and saw her eyes staring straight at her father sleeping inside, and her fingers stroked back and forth on the glass coffin, crying to her father. My sister and I walked gently over and heard her mumbling sadly: "Grandpa, you open your eyes, you look at me……. Grandpa, is it cold for you to sleep here?! Grandpa! Grandpa…" She was thinking, how only a few days, and her day and night with the grandfather suddenly disappeared; She could not understand why her kind grandfather had left in such a hurry that she was not allowed to see him for the last time. She cried: "Grandpa, you clearly promised me, must be good treatment, the New Year, I have a gift for you!" When the cremation, the daughter did not listen to the brother-in-law's dissuasion, insisted on following in to see her father again, when the cremation moment, she saw her father suddenly sit up, the mood suddenly collapsed she rushed to the cremation furnace: Grandpa is still alive, he sat up! Sit up…… You take him home, take him home…… Her two brothers-in-law, who had been paying attention to her, immediately ran over and tried desperately to force her out of the cremation room, and their relatives again wailed…… Her daughter discovered her father's illness by accident. One day in March, when my father was leaning his head on the sofa, his daughter noticed the painful expression on his face suddenly, and she immediately went to ask the reason, and found that the small lump on the upper part of his father's back neck had become larger, and his daughter quickly went to press, and his father's pain was aggravated. The daughter who worked in the hospital for more than half a year said nothing, immediately took her father's hand to the hospital for examination, and the result was late lymphoma. My brother-in-law who participated in the examination told us sadly that we still have ten months at most…… At that moment of learning the result, the daughter could not help crying, she shook her father hard, blaming him for how stupid, why so painful, but also not to tell her. During the surgery and the three subsequent chemotherapy treatments, the daughter did not speak hard, often using the rest to travel to and from the hospital, replacing her mother on night duty, nursing her father, and doing her best. Because of her professional care and guidance, although my father was hospitalized several times, he never got pressure sores. When I had to transfer to my hometown, my daughter was not at ease and often told us on the phone that we must often turn over to my father and rub prickly heat powder after defecating; Told the sisters to continue to help their father massage the abdomen to prevent colitis; Always pay attention to observe the rise and fall of the blood oxygen index and so on. However, his father, who is eighty-one years old and has been haunted by illness, still failed to escape the disaster, and quietly passed away the night before New Year's Day, cruelly leaving his relatives, leaving his daughters who love him deeply and his granddaughters who like him. After the business, the daughter also wallowed in grief can not be self-dialled, a home sitting on the sofa, she cried: "Grandpa cremated that moment, my legs weak……. Grandpa, Grandpa…… I have no grandfather, Mother!" Daughter, I want to tell you, because of you this sensible and filial good granddaughter, Grandpa will live a very happy life in heaven. I firmly believe! →◎← Sofa read →◎← Thank you very much for your attention →◎← Judging from your father's age, it must be a funeral. →◎← Yes, it is not wrong, but after all, it is death and death, or sad, thank you for your attention