Weekend, indulge

Weekend, indulge. I've had this place before and it's not bad. Which one is this? Not here. Come play with me at my house. I'll buy you a drink. I'll get you drunk. That's very classy. Where? People with taste can do that
Dumpling skin boiled, is happy or sad
I believe that most people will say that dumpling skin boiled must not be happy ah, must be sad, how happy it!
In fact, the answer is not only these two, there is one is not happy is not sad. The third answer is that people have good self-control and have considerable concentration. Because dumpling skin is broken is already a result, happy or sad or have been useless, calm face is the most enlightened answer.
Even if you have a good grasp of the water temperature before the dumplings and even sprinkle some salt to prevent, do thoughtful praise in advance, but like life, there are too many unforeseeable things, always only to maintain a good attitude, not be affected by emotions, in order to have real happiness.
People are often emotional slaves, by the body's desire. Hope is left and right, in the five desires and six dust in the birth of all kinds of inverted delusion, sentiment. From the beginning of life, we are manipulated by ignorance, and the true hero cannot be found.
Finding the true self and keeping this heart is the most worthwhile thing in a person's life. And the most accomplished thing of all.
Money, power, fame and so on are all rubbish in front of the # perfect self.
Being in a bad mood because of a bad meal is not worth it.
Ha ha, there are countless meals to eat in my life, did not make a good deal of this meal, sum up where the mistake is done next time, how simple, hey hey.
Yeah, a meal isn't worth it.
In fact, a meal is life. The attitude towards a meal is the attitude towards life.
It's not that easy to start over.
Whether you are happy or sad, where the dumpling wrapper is smiling…
Whether you are sad or happy, the level of your dumplings is undoubtedly revealed in the pot…
If you are very hungry and the wrapper breaks? Didn't find it…
Eat into the stomach, broken or not broken skin is the same as the same digestion… hahaha
It's broken, it's broken, it's a pot of noodle soup, dumplings
Find the cause of dumpling skin broken next time to try to cook not broken
The same fate, the same fate. Now is the best.
The past is a good guide to the future. Awesome?
Business is not business
Dumpling skin this sesame small matter, broken is happy is sad? I mean, it's not a thing. Can you live with all the little things in life?
In the current environment of the soaring epidemic, it is really Pepsi, so relieved… I'm lucky to be alive.
It is rare to have a man now. To live is to pay your dues?