Shenzhen Qingming Festival you sacrifice?

This year, the experts of bestie month came out and suggested not to sweep the grave. The two factions of power struggle, there is no need to manage a J son not boudoir, the tomb, what to do; On the other side of the spectrum, it's bad luck. Who do you listen to? I'm speechless. Is not grave on the Qingming day No. 4 or No. 6 to No. 5 is Bodhisattva birthday is not grave epidemic is over, should burn some dollars Hong Kong dollars, go abroad to play before we are here is not these pay attention to is a leap, not boudoir want to go on foreigners but Qingming Festival also did not see the big bad luck thank you small masters, you really happy. Yesterday off work to not so much pay attention to the fate of God must sweep the run not leap month with Qingming tomb normal I do not know what, do not understand this rule for my father their family elders weekend to sweep the tomb, afraid of Qingming too many people! My side of the community next to the burning paper stove, going to Qingming burning paper on this side of the people also burn paper, many or domestic burning paper in addition to the domestic expensive point is very convenient! Graves were swept over the weekend. Go! It's a tradition to worship ancestors. You don't get some bullshit expert to come here on a Saturday when it's February! So this is the first time I've heard of it! A leap January would have to be a bit of a fuss. 2004 was also a leap February, and that was unheard of then. This statement is also "heard", "some people said", "online said", there is no basis, what should do… You know, get some knives and gold bars or something. It's cheap money
Is it local? Is it kohlrabi from Phuket or New Bridge? The landlord looked at it should be vegetable moss, Hubei is so called, eat the rod that grows out. There are red purple and ordinary green, Hubei generally eat purple, they are called red cabbage moss this is the nine head bird's favorite vegetable moss
Really embarrassing, take two days two days and then take a day on two days, you can not adjust, 5 days even together to take it, do not want to go to a far place to play have no time, the country should fully consider the rationality of the holiday, well, ridicule finished in order to reflect the holiday not to take the old man said, work for seven days, too tired. Very sympathetic to the National Day off, the rest was scolded, not the rest was also scolded I did not scold the rest is playing lm can not arrange a good day no matter how to rest, there are always dissatisfied people. Who let you go to the grave who let you play with May Day and five days off, not too bad. Where to go on holiday is the crowd, want to play well or non-statutory holidays please go out to play. I can't afford to take two more days off, and it seems that this year's two sessions have not solved any livelihood problems. It is very good that the rest is not a few days together what hand string praise other do not participate in the discussion do not accept your ridicule, I like this kind of vacation do not want to go out to play on two days of annual leave, five days is not a small holiday out of people how old love a lot of vacation is to play rogue because the tomb sweeping day in February, do not burn paper do not go to the grave, can give more leave to give, Do not give leave, do not transfer to transfer, weekend is a statutory holiday, who gave him the power to transfer to transfer, make the holiday work tiring. Leaders are small meetings, big meetings, what problems can be solved…