Send some people concerned about Shenzhen social security issues

Social security management of retirement, pay enough for 15 years, can not be made up. If the medical insurance is reimbursed, the male can pay for 30 years from 2025, and the female can pay for 25 years. Work in the company is called four insurance, pension medical injury unemployment, 2023 social security minimum base of 4378 yuan (medical 3980 yuan), individual pay 442.97, unit pay 1041.57? (10.51-99.82) due to different types of injuries. They are called two insurance, pension and medical care, the current minimum base of 3980 yuan, pension pay 796 yuan, medical pay 250.74 yuan, at least a month 1046.74 yuan. Care for the elderly can be chosen to pay or not. The company's health insurance card has money, and the individual's health insurance card has no money. However, medical reimbursement is for employees, and retirement is 5% more than active employment. Reach the retirement age, the pension did not pay enough to pay monthly, pay enough years to get pension. If the medical treatment is not enough, you can choose to pay it all at once or pay it on a monthly basis, and the reimbursement ratio is 5% lower. The above content is transferred from wechat public number. HR is eager to learn., there are questions to answer online message. The pension medical care can choose to pay or not pay respectively. What does it mean to ask the freelancer pension insurance to pay enough 15 years later, break off! Can I pay for health insurance separately? Reply: The individual can choose to pay the pension or pay the medical care separately. Medical insurance can be paid separately during the period of pension suspension. In addition, the medical insurance during the period of unemployment benefits is paid by the state, and individuals do not have to pay. 30 years? Crazy, crazy… Never mind… I don't know if I'll live to retire for another 20 years… I can't afford not to… Nothing diaosi said that after five years of resignation did not pay money in their own hands reliable policy changed many times, stuffy head over it. Can you only pay pension by yourself? That's a good one. That's a good one. Now I do not know how much to pay, pay what reply: Now the pension and medical funds are separate, the retirement age to the social security contribution years can be handled for retirement, as for medical insurance, it can be understood that after retirement do not enjoy medical insurance treatment, need to pay enough years to notice that the one-time reimbursement ratio of insufficient medical care is less than 5%? After retirement, the medical insurance contribution period has reached, the proportion of medical reimbursement enjoyed after retirement is 5% more than that enjoyed by active workers. You have to focus, medical insurance does not enjoy medical reimbursement from the beginning of the stop payment. On this forum, the anger is heavy, when it comes to social security and medical insurance, it is troublesome to popularize how to withdraw insurance. About the surrender, there is only one situation in normal life, to settle abroad, you need to hold the nationality certificate of the country of residence and China's withdrawal certificate, you can handle the surrender and withdraw the money in your personal account for pension, medical treatment can now choose to pay separately
Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. across town from Rye Hill to the airport, the traffic was even heavier than on Monday. Is this an economic recovery? Everyone work overtime to make up for what they've lost? The economy will be in a great recession if you don't see it so good that the tomb sweeping means that there are basically no two days to recover and no recovery news network is in control. The economy of 2023 could be the best it's ever been in five years, you know? It's worse. The second half of the year will be better. When has the economy collapsed? Penglai people are going home today to visit their graves… Leap month? Can't sweep on the same day. The weekend car on the street is more than usual Europe and the United States are going to China, India and other South Asian countries are also following the trend, exports are weak, domestic demand has not seen much growth, how can the economy recover so fast? It's supposed to be Tomb-sweeping Day. Didn't realize it was a big weekend. 2018 started the 10-year Great Recession, something like 66-76