What do you think of the wrong marriage?

Today's family dinner only to know that the cousin married the white rich beauty toss his parents can not eat or sleep well. In fact, it is not a toss, just because my cousin married this daughter-in-law not only has money at home, but also has the ability, of course, my brother's ability is not bad, otherwise the woman can not with my brother. My aunt and his wife always feel that their family is too high, and then all kinds of please. It is not to please, that is, to help clean up the house during the day, cook, wait for the daughter-in-law to come back for dinner, finish the meal, and then go home to sleep. But my Cousins are sometimes OK with them, and will buy some things for them, but sometimes they are not cold or hot. Maybe because of work, ask her when to come back is often not necessarily, sometimes directly said not to come back for dinner, make a table of dishes my aunt is very embarrassed. My aunt they always feel that they may have offended her at some point, perhaps because they feel in their bones that their son is not worthy of others, they will have this idea! So the man is some pressure busy is normal, say to his son, let him tell his wife can not come back in the evening to say in advance, not sure also say it is… Mentality is not good may want to think more, that is, people are not sure if they can't come back to eat each is the best, do not interfere with young people's lives but do not please how do not live to understand how the child's own home, how the child wants to eat how to eat, tube so much why. The old love the young. That's so thoughtful. They are inferior, how to treat with a normal heart! Good for the daughter-in-law is right, but to be clear about the need, do not be busy, can not abandon self life, please forget, family care is necessary, inferiority affects health. This situation in Jiaodong is called a fall in some places. The more please the more can not earn a good, after the daughter-in-law does not call not to go, but better. The most comfortable relationship in interpersonal communication is freedom and equality, your aunt is in a bad mood and feels neglected, as long as you understand two things. One is to go to his son's home to clean and cook, what is the purpose? If you just want to make your daughter-in-law happy, your daughter-in-law may not like such happiness. The second thing is to eat. The old man made a table of meals, although I hope my daughter-in-law can go home on time to eat, my daughter-in-law is an independent person, when it is clear that you can not go home, it is best not to force your daughter-in-law to go home, and even to threaten that you do not come back and others do not eat, let alone the daughter-in-law, their children are not satisfied with being controlled. So ah, with the ability of the daughter-in-law, big square, not humble, do not put yourself in a too low position, do not glass heart. Life is never about giving you what you want, good or bad, cold or warm, true or false, we all have to experience it one by one. Therefore, each practice is good, and each individual cause and effect is their own. This door is not right, this is called amorous, people had a good life, you have to toss people according to their own ideas! There is essentially no difference between this and the old evil mothers-in-law !!!!! Self-abasement what do you live their own on the line, the young couple themselves too catch up is not a business ah do not deliberately please, let nature take its course, married are married, can also divorce? Old people don't be licking dogs. If this is called a small security guard when the dog will be along with what the door is not right, not easy to get, like working to serve others my aunt's cousin married is the only daughter of a hospital president in Qingdao, did not look at my aunt my uncle where below. It's a sign of low self-esteem. My aunt is an ordinary rural family. My brother is a Japanese doctor. So is my brother's wife. It's not the business that goes up the pole