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Sunday mountain tomb back, suddenly want to eat ramen, ha a noodle soup, the wife said to iron, ran to the Pearl River Road a look, closed, posted store rental, no way, to Huangshan Road long Lu pavilion to bowl Penglai small noodles, also very good, two people and add a bowl of noodles, free. After eating in Longlu Ge to the girl pack a bowl of traditional beef noodles home. Visit the grave early? There was a traffic jam for half an hour, and there were many people who thought the same as me. It is estimated that on the 5th, I could not drive to Tie Ji ramen main store, and I only ate once or twice. Rakuten ramen eight times out of ten. Too many times for ramen. I love ramen. A lot of early weekends
These two kids were killed by them, and they fell off a building, and that's terrible. It's death! It's not enough to die
Big Fu Shan property security to small Zhifu district Wanda, also did not see beauty ah beauty in the office haha you say in the boss's bed your eyes are good beauty have gone to the big city, Shenzhen few. You have to wait for the holidays. A lot of factory flowers are out. Haha, maybe Shenzhen beauty is less than I have never seen. Shenyang I said the factory flowers are also from other places. Shenzhen girl wins in height, features did not see too delicate. And the clothes are not ahead of time haha, there can be a few beautiful women on the street, a large group of dinosaur eggs your wife, um post bar brush to the anchor. I am bronze king five, where the fourth wife is no shadow where the fourth wife I feel that the skin is whiter than me are not a few oh haha, arrange the small first
Friends in the development zone, where is everyone getting glasses? Help recommend Desheng Fengtai Fengtai community south gate, there is a glass shop on the right side Desheng quite a lot, do not know which is better? Chiba glasses new bright bright glasses Desheng Great Kangming color cloud city many big bright, Wu Liangcai