We ordinary people are divided into three kinds of marriage

Secular eyes, the concept of the family is completely can be perfectly changed through true love running-in ah.
The love marriage of our ordinary people is roughly divided into: upper, middle and lower three products.
Top grade: both sides are full of love, are willing to give everything for each other, always think about each other, are willing to change themselves for each other;
Chinese: Both sides still have love, both are willing to accommodate and tolerate each other;
Inferior: there is no love between each other, neither accommodation, nor tolerance.
And ah, with love, is not to move, unreasonable also do not forgive.
Obviously no love, but still crazy tolerance.
"True love" is what you describe as a quality marriage! Otherwise, people won't be looking for their "right"! Believe in love, not just build a home!
Is there a conflict between single people's marriage and entrepreneurship?
Brother, is there a contradiction between wedding night and gold list?
Different levels, different connotations.
Seems to have nothing to do with the level, my brother's annual salary of millions, my sister-in-law from a rural family, parents farming, their secondary school graduation, the key to beautiful. My sister-in-law belongs to the level of appearance and temper. The couple is very happy, and I didn't hear that my brother wants to change his wife.
Make a special case!
Not a special case, my great-nephew, at the age of 30 was worth more than 100 million, his wife is a hotel waitress, background is also average, beautiful, intelligent. Both of them happened before the age of 25. I think women should marry as soon as possible, while men are not so sophisticated, they are not so old. Men and women over 30 years old, thinking is more complex, look at education, look at the level of appearance, look at income, look at personality and so on. Before the age of 30, it is marriage, children, life, so simple.
I support women to earn their own food money, because there are many happy marriages around them, but the husband died early, the good man has a short life, and most of the rest are enemies.
But the two examples I mentioned belong to the kind of gay men who have no culture themselves, which is a match. China too much of this kind of marriage, selling salted vegetables, selling cold skin, opening restaurants, there is no level, can get married and have children, the most difficult is the poor scholar, pick very.
This is still the exception, as you say, the majority is still the norm.
This passage reflects the social phenomenon!!
Depends on the target. If the goal of marriage is to find a person and give her happiness until the end of life, if the goal of entrepreneurship is just to have better conditions to make the loved one happy, it is completely not in conflict. If marriage is only to complete the task of marriage, and entrepreneurship is only for personal pursuit, the contradiction is often difficult to avoid.