Small talk about love and matching


  1. What men want most are career and love; What women want most is love and marriage.
    When two people are married, love is the only overlap, and love is the core.

If career is the foundation and love is the process, then marriage is maintenance, sustenance and destination.

Managing love is managing the future.

  1. The appearance and temperament of the two people are relatively well matched.
    The so-called love at first sight is from the appearance of attraction. Although it can not cover all the beginning of love, but definitely has a recognized scale. So try not to take any chances.

The so-called Tai Shan is easy to move, temperament is difficult to change is also to emphasize the genetic nature. Rather than difficult to change or fruitless, it is better to think rationally at the beginning, from the temperament of each other closer to start.

  1. It is best to know a little about poetry and painting.
    After all, art is one of the signs of high-level human civilization, and it cannot be left too far away.

Besides, art is always with us.

  1. Outlook on life, values, right and wrong, are inescapable barriers on the road of love.
    Whether it comes from innate endowments and family influences, or enlightenment from school and life experience, when they reach a certain age, their personal life rules such as outlook on life, values, views on right and wrong have been basically set, and the probability of self-subversion in the short term is close to zero.
    In this context, if there is a lack of communication between each other, do not make unnecessary efforts.

In particular, the differences in individual cognition such as vision, pattern, value, reference, standard, resonance and mutual encouragement formed by different talents and education are basically insurmountable gaps.

  1. Close cognitive structure is the beginning of the next step.
    Many times the difference in cognitive level will make closeness and love become awkward or inhibited. Because it covers knowledge, experience, corrections, upgrades, and ideal backtracking. Like the identification of leeks and wheat seedlings, the confused interpretation is futile.
    For example: a spirit, which runs through the beginning, the course and the end of our life; The meaning of life lies in continuous awakening and enlightenment; The meaning of happiness comes from the soul's awakening and so on. The cognitive differences in these different contents ultimately limit our perceptual interpretation and behavioral interpretation of love, marriage, happiness, joy and other processes.

If the communication is difficult for both of us, giving up is the first option; The alternative interpretation is that it has the hidden danger of talking about chicken and duck.

  1. The exchange of ideas is both an accelerator and a brake pad.

Two people from the material, language, physical, emotional, rational, soul and other levels of communication and exchange, are intentionally or unintentionally dominated by their own thoughts or coerced. The cross-section of thought at a moment reflects the quality and length of your life, life, and pursuit. If the distance feels too great, you need to make a new choice.

  1. After the end of the age of awkward love, pure love no longer exists in theory. It is not easy to go from this step to the edge of the eye to appreciate each other, and love at first sight and pleasing to the eye is a luxury.

If both sides are good at business perhaps love can also be revived, as for the wonderful feelings of bonding and longing, unless there is a regrettable beginning.

  1. What is love?
    It is the loss of reason at first sight;
    It was a bittersweet encounter;
    Is desperate to die;
    It's the crazy overdraft of the past and the future.
    If you do not have that kind of mental preparation, or do not try to hope for love.

Many people say I want love, while giving a lot of additional conditions, this is like you wear a thick armor to embrace love, so you can not feel the temperature of love, love will despise you, because your sincerity is not enough.

  1. Most men's requirements for lovers are actually not very high, in addition to some of the basic conditions he requires, as long as the woman maintains her own personality, understand a little mood, know when to act pettish, know when to low-key, often give each other a little understanding and encouragement, men can basically be stoop.

And a strong woman, if you do not pay attention to the order and urgency of the cards, it is often difficult to manage love. In particular, the role of the home and outside the home is confused, and eventually even the marriage will be messed up.

  1. Of course, love is different in everyone's mind.
    As the saying goes, suitable for oneself is the best (must pay attention to the connotation of taste).
    And only well-managed love is a textbook.
    Suddenly feel very free.
    I'm here to teach you a lesson, for fun
    Oh…… Now, for all of us, is perhaps the most comfortable and pleasant time. Take the time. It's good to talk about love
    We don't know what the world will look like in two years, we don't know when the dominoes will fall
    Yeah, it is. The epidemic is bringing about profound changes in the global landscape. The catastrophic impact of this outbreak is nothing less than a global war. The deglobalization of the United States has also begun to enter the implementation phase. It could also be argued that the pandemic accelerated America's retreat from globalization. As a result, the world's political and economic structure will be rebuilt. In other words, the trend of developed countries represented by Europe and the United States to become "big countries" is irresistible. The wave of domestic closures has already begun, and it is not clear whether the economy will be set back by decades.
    And if during this period, harvest a love, it is the greatest comfort.
    This writing, see can not say comfortable, as inadvertent travel into the strange scenery, incisive into the, to take the stick, gentle trickle, moistening things silent. It is like writing with a Wolf's brush, firm and soft. I can't tell you how much fun it is.
    Worship, worship, master! Like, like, like. It has to be said.
    Faint ~
    Such a reply, too humorous
    Cigar and coffee, it feels like a good combination
    It's been a year. How's everybody? Years of registration, nothing on the emotional stuff.
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