Shenzhen friends travel, goodbye forever

I am a restless person, from learning to roast a day does not roast uncomfortable, every day out two hours I feel in a particularly good mood, last month to find the place and now looking for a place to buy and sell is really a mess of fire as long as the car to the place immediately people, repeat customers also bake more can not stop. This week I don't take a break from my car, and I have a traveling friend to thank for giving me the skills to earn a living. In May last year, after work, I passed by an intersection and saw a spirit boy barbecuing skewers, so I ordered some while roasting, he sent me two gluten for me to taste, I saw that he sent something to me, I can not leave him, I went to the supermarket to buy red Bull for him to drink, one after another to get familiar with, after making friends, he finished the food and called me, barbecue, Last year, I really achieved freedom, he can earn two million a month, what he has on his mind, he only told me, let's put it this way, he owes more than 100 people in the five major wholesale markets in Shenzhen, more than 200,000 small three or five hundred private debt pressure he can not save a penny, he has a physical store from meat to seasoning fruit pressure others money, He said he was going to run away 15 years old with his parents to Shenzhen did not want to mix it up like this, I said you leave and come back rich, he is really sorry for others but for me, now we are also in contact, next month I turned to public Zhijin loan need to return all the commercial loan money, he knew after the field is very difficult also have to transfer some money to me, in fact, he is not easy to come back, After he left his shop to find him a wave of people, he may be really unfriendly to others, but recognize me, I still hope he can turn over and come back, today he called me, tomorrow back to Shenzhen to see me drink some wine. I am glad that this is the first time he has smuggled back after leaving Shenzhen for 2 months… It's all about the money… You may be wrong, the money you owe others is usually your own money. There is no need to let everyone know the real you, and there is no need to keep telling everyone who you are. Those who understand you will naturally understand, those who believe in you will naturally believe, if everyone understands you, you have to be ordinary. -- Mr. Yang Jiang owes money to more than 100 people. It's not unusual for someone to owe so much money. You just set up a stall, Chengguan not arrest?
If you want to go, you can take a bus to Yangma Island, you can have several other options: 1.61+6172.62+6173. Fast 61 [Zhifu North Road bus station 6:25, 6:40, etc., stop by: railway station, North Star clock, two roads, city library, business college, Holiday Inn Longhu… Muping Bus company West station and other stations] 61.62 can be transferred to 617 at Muping Bus Company West station; 61, fast 61 can get off at Longhu Holiday Inn and walk for about ten minutes "Sunchuang You Haibei Station" to 617 (departure interval of about 20 minutes) [Say something about your feelings, do not like to spray: Today's Yangma Island feels not as good as I went to Yangma Island 30 years ago when I was in high school, I was a little disappointed. I started at six o 'clock in the morning, and returned to Zhifu at 12:30, I didn't stay much time on the island.