Are you happy that life is not discounted? I'm not happy!

I work hard and enjoy life comfortably! Life is never on sale!
By changing your nickname so often, aren't you afraid your loved ones won't find you?
Ha-ha! Really worried inexplicably, the big head is always the same, the name changes to change and what harm? From a bachelor, to a sweet potato vine, to a scallion bag, to…
Change… In fact, the same, just like the use of moxibustion needle "acupoint", see which "acupoint" let each other call! As you are known to run, can ride on the snail to run fart, but not to run, clinging to each other! Don't get mad, it was just a joke!
Ha ha I laugh.
Sir, this is bad! How can you get love by chasing it? Love between men and women can only be mutual appreciation, mutual admiration, mutual attraction! The other side may have a little bit of meaning, more may be funny, funny just! Just chasing is probably a hot thing! The key is to improve their own quality and ability. Be sincere to others may get the other person's good feelings. It's just a personal opinion. There's no ill will.
Finally see Mr. Snail, inside the shell of humor out of a bubble, progress ah! A man who has been away for three days looks at him with new eyes
Today is the day of confession, no one to me, a little sad. So I'm here to complain. I've been here for half a year, and I've met two speed-dating friends, one of whom asked to open a room and not go back when I first met him. Who is it? I'm satisfied with the second one. At night I wished I had dressed so plain to see him. And the next day he said I didn't match his expectations. 2020 If you can't find a sleep, then live alone.
Today, no one told me 520, like you to sit on the couch, grumble, and think the same thing you drink.
Misery loves company
Ordinary people who will loathe wearing, even together, are tired, so it is lucky not to come together.
520 is not confession day. It's normal that no one confesses.
This day should be with parents, children, good friends together.
There will be a real day of confession - Tanabata, I believe that the floor will be peach blossom open.
I haven't been here for a long time. I hope I can meet someone together
Thank you for your kind words!
I am now at this age, if and people date, will be plain face up, it is best to point a few bows or age spots, put on the stall shorts and vests, fork the person flip-flops, fluffy on the afrika, a QQ nostril, a button down the feet, show the natural style……
Ha ha ha o(∩_∩)o
After 520, can 77 be far behind?
Just fine
Those who want to sleep with you don't want to sleep, those who want to sleep with you don't want to sleep with you… hahaha
This thing is so helpless…
Take good care of yourself and celebrate every day. Don't care about others, care about yourself. I didn't get any roses either, but I planted a rose of my own.