Why can't I find it?

My previous world is too simple, the past two years I read a lot of articles and comments on the Internet about the relationship between men and women and marriage, want to make up for the lack of knowledge in this area. Some people say that excellent men want their wives to have a stable career and income, talented, and some say that they are naturally loved by others. I've tried to make myself better, but why can't I find it? Am I too emotionally intelligent?
The first marriage, ignorant of the intricacies of marriage and family life, has failed miserably and is now becoming cautious. My friend said that I set too many obstacles for myself, but I really don't want to be separated in the future because of differences, two people who have been hurt again how can I bear to hurt? I don't want to hurt others and don't want to be hurt, just want to find a similar, even if he has some small problems, no one is perfect I can tolerate.
Ignorant stranger I let him introduce himself, I mainly understand everyone's match degree in all aspects. Friends said that at the beginning, let the introduction of economic strength and other people think that I am a wealth fan, talk about feelings. Talk about feelings only to find that the gap between the two sides is too big rejection is hurtful and a waste of time? There are online fear of fraud, I let the other party prove their authenticity, I will check, the result people said I was too suspicious. Am I supposed to believe everything people say?
I really seem to be too low EQ, do not know how to face men, and sometimes even feel that the other side is unfathomable. My education and philosophy can't solve how to find the right person for me.
Those in the game, everyone help me analyze what causes such a result? Is it really just because of the age difference between men and women's expectations or am I really low in emotional intelligence?
To set more framework for their other half, according to the Tuso looking for, even if you find the right, you only find a suitable object for marriage, but this marriage based on the combination of conditions, requires too many skills to operate, reliability is extremely low.
Let nature take its course. Fate really arrived, everything is so natural.
Haste makes waste. Trying to reach a goal quickly always brings a lot of regret.
I've been… Woof woof.
I feel the same way. Especially understand sister you, hug. Take it easy, you can't eat hot tofu.
Woof woof !
Finding an object is not an ordinary commodity sale, but an effective process of communication and interaction between people and mutual choice. If there is no honesty in the opening, how can there be in-depth communication in the back?
Sister don't worry, slowly meet the right to talk about.
I've been away for almost five years, on the Internet for more than two years, and I haven't found anything. I feel unwilling to settle and lead to a few years can not find the object, also reasonable ah, (~ ▽ ~)
Look at it with a normal heart and just go with the flow.
Maybe, just come up people see oh up a new person, so everyone say hello, for a long time others may think that this person is not good.
A friend of mine has been looking for a match in real life for over a decade. We said if we couldn't find one, we would. If it is not possible to partner with the elderly, for fear of being embarrassed when you are old, a robot may be able to take care of the elderly for decades, and buy a robot to serve tea and water to do housework. Maybe then the robot will scan the owner's body and know where the problem can be treated as a family doctor.
Dying alone is a little against humanity, but it's also a choice.
It doesn't require a lot of skill. It's all natural. It's the mismatch that requires all kinds of skill. For example, I am a thrifty person, I buy a piece of clothing may feel the texture, workmanship, style are good, spend a thousand dollars or thousands of dollars is still very good, even if hundreds of dollars of clothes as long as good, and the other party if the group boss will say what miscellaneous brand to buy, drop the price; If you're dealing with a couple thousand dollars a month, you'll think you're a loser who spends so much on clothes. When there is a difference, I am careful not to lose face or hurt his pride. For example, Lin Huiyin and a group of friends often talk loudly at home, but her husband can only shrink aside. I am not compared to her ah, I am not good to make friends with the opposite sex, just say the difference is not too big, even if the character.
Men and women in marriage are like a fragile egg loaded on both sides of a scale, heavy on one side and light on the other, it is easy to break both sides. If it's balanced on both sides, it's okay to move a little bit.
You know, at least keep it real, right?
I have met a few good people, and later felt that the other side was too capable, afraid that I would not help others much; The other party is old, afraid of no love feeling; The other side is too critical, afraid of character inconsistency; The other party said that he was snoring very loud, afraid that he would have a nervous breakdown, decline in immunity, and become fat and stupid; They smoke a lot and I'm allergic to smoke; The other party is a little lewd, do not bring harm later, and so on such reasons let me retreat.
But then I looked back to think whether I was too demanding, then I still think of these few, at least they are real and have legitimate careers. People take the initiative to light the ID card, diploma, work card, paper, company name, etc., at least there is sincerity. Of course, they tested me, too, on seven-step poetry, number puzzles, lantern riddles, law, management, and everything. There is a test I a very partial poem, I answered out, he said I checked online, I said so obscure I can find out in a minute or two or OK? I'm not a know-it-all. I also met one who copied someone else's and said he wrote it himself. It's kind of like jousting, but I don't mind, it's nice for everyone to be honest. Other, more ambiguous ones that don't even know if they're true or false are lost.
Now I find that from the Internet, can be real is very good. However, at the beginning of the speculation futures stocks, investment in what movies, knowing that I will not be fooled will not waste time.
You are still young, there is no need to worry, in fact, I do not have to worry, but think about not looking for a few years, I get older may not be interested in looking. I mean, I'm old now, but I can still see, so don't give up on yourself for another decade or so. I'm sorry. I'm a little coy. Emotional.
I don't think I have the confidence to wait until 60 or so years in the future to bear the affection and love of an old stranger. Or while not old, early to find a slowly grow old together, with feelings if two people are warm personality, old figure has a companion then also do not dislike each other.
You have too little information, too little certification, people even have no initial judgment, naturally difficult to find.
As soon as I came up, someone said that I had too little certification, not enough stars, he had high stars, and I was a liar. I was excited by him, I passed all kinds of documents, and then a deep understanding actually was once a university alumni, and live next to each other, the world is so small.
First, if you are confident, in order to improve the probability, you may wish to take another step, direct lighting, no men are not emotional, you are the same.
Second, high star user information, speed dating has been generally matched, can ask less, focus on the inquiry of the three views and character.
Marriage is fate, more realistic compromise. Love is an ideal, it is not easy to get, to have full psychological preparation.
Right, so I'd like to find it early, at least so I don't have to deal with too many men, and it'll save me time, but it won't irrationally lower the bar.
For men to add to explain that I am plump, but not obese, just relatively large bones, not petite and exquisite type, mind please ignore me. I can't help it if it's genetic. I'm still looking for taller men. It makes me look smaller. But to be honest, when men think I'm not petite, I probably think men are too small and not strong enough.
I double eyelids big eyes, facial features, white skin, a little face control, as long as men are not bald and convex belly, do not grow too embarrassing too ugly, I will not compare boys and movie stars, I also know that beauty is strong, real people are similar. It is best to love to smile, gentle personality, the inner is more important, the appearance does not let me resist it.
But why do many people praise a woman's roundness is a good husband's life, but to find a partner requires middle-aged women to be as slim as girls? I'm not thin right now. In front of me to review whether their requirements are high, the result of the man is higher than me.
How could two people be that close? Even if there is, we are too close, too lack of freshness and complementarity, it is not attractive. I think everything is too beautiful.
I have a picture, but I don't want to show it in public, for fear that people will know that online dating, women are shallow and thin afraid of causing jokes and real problems.
Qualified can give the password to see, I am honest and practical plain face photos, really plain face, even there are small lines on the forehead, there are subtle spots on the face are displayed on the photo also marked to remind others to see. I don't want to die looking pretty, wasting my time and energy. Anyway, certainly not ugly, height, facial features, skin color and temperament combined, peers in the middle of the attitude must be affordable. The deficiency is that the years have found a sense of existence in the face without mercy. Don't look for me if you look for a beautiful country, a sinking fish and a wild goose, I will be rejected sooner or later. I am ordinary people also find ordinary people, do not expect bodybuilder star face, pull out without losing face on the line.
Don't you know that men and women are sent to different places alone, so they always want to find the other half? Psychologically speaking, the recognition of others is actually the recognition that the other person has similar characteristics to their own.
When I say we are similar, I mean the three views, education, cultivation, economic strength, living habits, and personality, not that two people are exactly the same. For example, if the man likes to go clubbing nightlife and I am a family woman, it does not match, those who like to be High outside and can turn to both sides are suitable for him. Men drink and play mahjong every day and always read maji also give me a headache. I like to travel, if the man always says what is there to see outside, not enough flowers and plants? There will also be contradictions. If I can do everything, and a man seems clumsy, I don't have to say anything, he will be psychologically stressed. If I do something I like, the man says to find something to be tired, do not work, I will feel limited and unhappy.
Complement each other, of course. I'm weak and I need his help. If I don't want the cooking to be burned by the hot oil, and he likes to cook, I will wash and cut. I have a soft personality, Libra, easy to hesitate, if he is decisive and wise, I can let him decide. If he speaks less, as long as he is not withdrawn and cold, I speak more, so that the communication is smooth, I like to say what is not hidden, make it clear; If he talks a lot, and it's hot, just don't fight.
Yeah, I mean, I hate myself first. But men are more attractive.
All I want to do is stop shaking your head like a rattle at the thought of someone like that on his couch saying NO, NO, NO. For women, this psychological barrier is actually more than men. This intuition helps women block out people who don't feel it. I feel a real kinship with someone who looks like me, so I'm looking for a partner.
You say middle-aged people do not say love, love is indeed illuseable and easily deteriorated, but who can tolerate an old man sleeping next to? A couple of decades older, I would never do that. Even with a knife to my neck, I'm an ancient warrior who never gave in.
See an economic data, the income of 10,000 to 20,000 people in China is only 7.85 million, and this includes people of all ages regardless of gender who are already working. But that alone makes you pessimistic.
You mean there are fewer people to choose from?
Sometimes I think it's not always right to encourage people to be better so they can find better people. Better and less able to find anyone. The base at the bottom of the pyramid is large, there are more candidates, and the more you go to the top, the fewer options you can choose. And the better you are, the more independent you are, the less you want to settle. A lot of ordinary single women were quickly found. A relative is beautiful, found a man only a few years older than her children, of course, he is poorer, and he has been for decades to stop giving birth to her. Even a person in his 70s, dead husband left a month or two to find a man a few years younger, I feel ashamed.
I am 42 years old divorced in 18 years have two failed marriages the first husband is the child his father has a marriage affair cruel abandoned our mother and son the second marriage we are the second marriage his wife also cheated the thought that the same misery can respect each other love each other did not expect he always drink and beat people to maintain a decade of marriage finally I am dishearted choose divorce Now divorce nearly two years, I gradually out of the haze, I want to find a sincere to me understand I love my man smoking and drinking can be accepted, but do not drink and lose morality can want to find a stable job, it is best to have a car and a house to go out more convenient I like sports, usually running fitness practice primary yoga like cooking and cleaning the house After marriage, I don't want to work, I want to be at home to teach my husband and children. I have a son more than 20 where my ex-husband does not need to take care of me.
I wish you find love soon
Such a beautiful woman, someone will soon lead you home
Thank you
Thank you for your blessing
Smoking and drinking are bad habits, the main reason is that their hearts are extremely empty, the comprehensive quality of the three cultures is not enough.
You're too young to declare yourself old. Two marriages should show you that you can count on yourself.
Sister beautiful, bless.
Why do you care for your husband and children
Empathy, only on their own can last. And now everyone is very realistic, life is not a little pressure, no one wants a woman who announced that she will not work after marriage before she met