Life is a practice. This is the great love in the world

What is spiritual practice? Practice is to focus on doing one thing. As the master said: eat while you eat, sleep while you sleep.
The same goes for finding a mate. Some people eat the bowl and look at the pot, holding one in their arms and thinking about this one. In this way, the final can not result, eat all day is half-cooked, it is difficult to taste the taste of maturity.
So, be dedicated to your partner. He who loves is always loved. The pan-lover, in fact, has no principle, and has no confidence in himself.
It's not universal love, it's not that you can't find the right one. Many of the men who have achieved financial freedom are in the game of wife swapping, treating women like clothes and changing them if they want to, and many men are playing with feelings in the name of love!
Let's just say it tastes different
Eat fresh enzyme content is rich, more can supplement vitality
Seriously disagree. It's not about having money. I see a lot of people who have no money but have a very bad lifestyle, and good economic conditions are very restrictive to their behavior.
It's a matter of ethics. Don't get attached to money. There is no necessary relationship.
Everyone has love, as long as they want to do it.
Karma is the way of God. No one is left out.
You have to live with what you do. Sweet or bitter.
He didn't say that all rich men are promiscuous? Again and again, the emphasis is on "many"; You taste, you taste carefully
The difference between the case and the exception. In general, the world, in a word, is that men become bad when they have money, and women become bad when they have money.
Society as a whole is still beautiful, negative after all is a minority. Let's just make the best of it for ourselves. Be strict with oneself, do not blame others, do no harm.
Do not do evil, but do good.
That's true.
Watching the news, the wife was diagnosed with the new coronavirus pneumonia, and the husband pushed down from the fifth floor, and the wife was diagnosed with a major disease, and the husband who lived together for many years disappeared.
Compared to these, the specificity is not important. As long as it is worthy of the title of "people", I think it is good.
If my partner has been very good to me and care about me, the difficulties and setbacks in life, we have been firmly with each other, and then, suddenly one day found that he has other women outside, I think I will not hate him, he is still willing to live with me, I am willing to try to accept him again, if he is not willing to help him.
A bull doesn't know it hurts when a whip hits a horse. You have to experience it to know it. The hero of the event can be called the experience, and everyone else is called the spectator. The bystander will never understand or understand the feelings of the protagonist. Like people know when they drink water. Don't say anything unless you've seen it yourself. It's different when it actually happens to you.
You're very empathetic, huh? Good for you
I strongly agree with this view. The view is simple and easy to understand. There is no such thing as empathy. As Lu Xun said: human sorrow and joy are not connected.
MHM. Only when you practice to the Bodhisattva realm can you have the magic power without great compassion.
In the most beautiful years to meet the most beautiful people, after the sweet words, after the fuel, rice, oil and salt, after the ups and downs, has never abandoned.
The bond of marriage is about the common growth of the spirit, when the most helpless and weak, he lifted your chin, straightened your spine, made you strong, and accompanied you around, and shared the fate. Get married with a purpose. It will only bury a time bomb for marriage, marriage is two strong people in the same boat, do not humble to seek marriage. Enjoy your marriage with dignity.
There are no two identical leaves in the world, and there are thousands of forms of marriage. It is easy to maintain the surface harmony of marriage, but it is difficult to make a marriage taste good. Holding your hand is too easy, growing old with you is too difficult, and managing a good marriage is a lifelong lesson. What we should do most is to cultivate ourselves in the rolling red dust, so that we have the ability to transform our marriage, and have the courage to leave the siege. The best marriage relationship is one in which each other can be nourished and grow in the relationship, one in which each other can appreciate each other, achieve each other, give each other affirmation and support, and go forward together to become better people.
MMM, well said, plain and simple, to the point! Can't touch, can only yearn, ha ha.
We all know what love looks like. The question is how to get it.
The point is women don't believe in love these days
Ideal is full! Reality is very bony! Yearning for beauty, the pursuit of perfection, self-discipline, leniency to others…… We have been on the road, has been pursuing, can not because it rains we do not travel, can not because there is a pit we do not walk, put in front, hope in the distance…..
Beauty often only appears in fairy tales, the real place to lose oneself is the human heart to calculate too much to lose.
Smart men want to meet women will spend a little money, but even small money is not willing to spend stupid men certainly can not find women, the result is that smart men do not lack women, and in the end most women are paid to smart men. haha
Agree, this kind of love is the greatest in the world.
How great is it? Don't understand