Do you recognize this nearly forgotten creature

How many people know this baby? Life will have a lot of things with the passage of time slowly forgotten, let me pick up the good east East on the growth of the road in front of everyone! Baby picture hung up picture hung up phone look at phone look at chicken bowl is really hard to find. Not many people used it 50 years ago. Amazing. What is this? Bran food bowl chicken food bowl. This design, so that the chickens do not waste food. Old hands called chicken food rice bucket map is red XX, did not see me or the first time to see Yao times brother how to know the mud you not only bad food is bad woman, snowman a I more than ten years old, my family has a. You old pig is the master of abusing women, how many women have been evil, in this yourself say it clearly! This kind of chicken bowl, earlier not every family can have.
Would like to ask the netizens of the forum are tall? In reality, I always have a sense of inferiority when I go out, because I am too tall and stand out from the crowd. How tall is the building? Is it two meters? 178 Passing by… Just average. Normal height. Wear shoes 178, you are not a woman, this will be too tall, become a man? Aren't you a woman? Now you're too tall, you're a man? Well, that's a little high, little freak wearing shoes 170. I'm a girl, but it's still too high. I wear shoes 174, what should I do? I feel like I'm walking into little guys. Two feet and a half in shoes. Five feet without shoes. Take off the socks one meter where to buy shoes have 1m high heels? Recommend me. Ask Misty Xuan where he bought his 1m high shoes and half a metre high socks. Hahahaha @Confused Xuan Golden Stick booster shoes. Go as high as you want and show off your body. You deserve it. It's okay, it's the same height as my girlfriend. I don't think it's that tall. Brother 666, I can find a girlfriend this tall. Is it stressful to go out together? I have broken up 165, boyfriend 175, in Zhejiang this height is quite normal. You're a little tall for a girl. But super envy you this kind of high, feel temperament, dry very good (if you are not fat) reason, Yuyao adult male more than 1 meter 8 more than a few, and I am a minority, girls 174 less and less, girls 174 look with men 185 almost high floor female giant identification completed