[Shenzhen miscellaneous talk] How is it that the medical insurance center does not allow reimbursement of chronic diseases

Because of high blood pressure and chronic diseases, you can go to the pharmacy to buy high pressure drugs ordered by the doctor every quarter. Today, when I went to the "Jade * Medicine" pharmacy to buy Luoxi as usual, I was told that the medical insurance center did not allow reimbursement, and I do not know what reason did not allow reimbursement. This is one of the most basic antihypertensive drugs, people who take drugs for a long time know that they can not stop, and casually change the medicine is a big torture for patients with chronic diseases. Why do you want to remove Luoxi from the reimbursement list, please the medical insurance center to give a reasonable explanation, thank you. ↓¤To be followed. ↓¤This year there are many drugs have been paid at their own expense, the effect must be at their own expense, the effect is not good to take medicine insurance, we now do not understand, pay the medical insurance cost is useful ↓¤Each drug according to the platform purchase price, reimbursement of 0.2 yuan, ha ha, a month is a reduction of 6 dollars, do not want to back the skin, directly bought ↓¤normal ah, Even if the hospital medical insurance does not let me feel there is nothing strange ↓ this medical insurance is the more the people look down on the disease ↓¤Live is imported medicine, not reimbursed, replaced by domestic can be reimbursed. I used to eat Luo Luo Xi, and then changed to domestic, the effect is also good, blood pressure control is very good. ↓¤This seems to be the country every three months to make appropriate adjustments ↓¤Very normal ah, even if the hospital insurance does not let me feel there is nothing strange ↓¤do not understand ↓¤do not give you reimbursement just want to tell you, the country can not support so many poor people, life and death have life and wealth in the day, economic society, thrift by people… The health and education systems in our country are truly indescribable. ↓¤Blood plug in chronic diseases can not be reimbursed ↓¤I am a sucker, July was cheated by the pharmacy paid 300 threshold fees, the first time to buy blood pressure drugs said can not be reimbursed ↓¤↓¤to collect fixed payments, balance of payments is running. ↓¤Three years of the epidemic to the bottom of the house ↓¤My also, he is an imported drug, and now can only eat domestic ↓¤Antihypertensive drugs benzoic acid methanesulfonic acid before two months did not report ↓¤Afraid is to directly cancel the chronic disease