[People's voice] Whether the Shenzhen government public security system can unify law enforcement

Shenzhen government public security system can unified law enforcement, before there was a unified meeting of entertainment venues, requiring Shenzhen all entertainment venues, bars and ktv unified two points closing, but Shenzhen's current entertainment venues m* KTV, bar *+ slow bar, is still open all night, ignoring the rules, no one asked, dare to ask can unified law enforcement, everyone is equal, fair competition, ↓¤Create a good business environment do you understand ↓¤You know only these two overnight, a there are other homes? Thank you. Okay, I'll try to pick these two. ↓¤Set business hours! ↓¤This is The State Council issued the "Regulations on the management of entertainment venues" provisions, you can call 12345 mayor hotline for reporting ↓¤Also thought it could be all night ↓¤Hepburn three ↓¤Originally did not know where to play, now good ↓¤↓¤These places have not been for 20 years ↓¤Passing