[Local talk] Rainy day delivery encounter "old stuffed coffee"

On the afternoon of November 24, it rained a lot, picked up a single piece of skin duck business, along the navigation to the location, can not find the house number 9-2, only saw No. 9, around the building around two or three circles, very anxious, next to the shop did not find a rider can ask the way, some just ride by. In the process of looking for, suddenly found that the "old plug coffee" was full of people, many young people, enjoying themselves comfortably, I paced around in the rain, or could not find the business. A flash from the order has 10 minutes, also do not know how to do, fortunately, a rider met, asked, on the right what supermarket, stall, right side road down did not find, out to the right side of the road down, saw many supermarkets and stalls, I think it is close, sure enough to see the name of the business, finally took the meal, from the order is almost 20 minutes. Just yesterday, I passed by Lao Sai, I found a lot of people sitting there, I took a look at what the diners ordered, there are milk tea, it turns out that Lao Sai is not only operating coffee ah. I really envy these young people, many of them are from the nearby school? When the parents make more money, otherwise the offspring will be very tired, even a cup of milk tea must think twice. The rain clattered down, surrounded by a white, glasses were wet by the rain, I look for, repeatedly lost in the dream, the dream to find the opposite sex. I was wet, with a pair of slippers on my feet, pulled up my trousers, and rode a small donkey in the wet and cold rain, and the raincoat was already the last stubborn. Suddenly saw the "old plug coffee" glass inside the small round table full of people, comfortable to enjoy the rain time, I did not have a glance, hurried to ask the way to find my "piece of skin duck", left in the "old plug coffee" in the line of sight. Hurry up and be safe and have time to write so many words every day. Impressive. Wet road slippery old plug coffee also has milk tea drops so it is not as good as reincarnation. It's good… Feeling, sometimes not can not afford to drink, but reluctant to spend this money to pay attention to safety Ah oh ~ the user has entered the small black room to rest because of violations… I'm getting old! Listen to the name of this coffee place, just want to drink and diarrhea