Everyone has the right to pursue a happy life

Life can not come again, if married far away if married in the local will be better than now? Not necessarily. Everyone has the right to pursue a happy life, it depends on how to choose to measure to handle. Everyone said that the bitter pain of far marriage is a reality, but there are other bitter and pain without far marriage, life is rarely complete, there will be losses, life can only be and cherish, live up to their own kindness to others. The only daughter, after all, is also to consider for the parents of the firm do not agree with the daughter to marry far away, since childhood began to instill the idea of far married are silly girls, I married 22 years, say the words in the heart, the heart of the chested thousands of times, especially sad sad, to the family only dare to report good news and not sad, slowly boil their own happiness and sorrow are hidden in the heart, Do not want to know in others to know the tree is quiet and the wind does not stop, the son wants to filial piety and close not to be married far away, can only go to the big city has the strength of the husband's home, if it is an ordinary place, do not recommend, the risk is too big, be bullied some missing no one knows, my village a college student brainless married to the mountainous area of Guizhou Province, now in the mountainous area without electricity full-time with baby farming, The wife's family to tears I go to your home when the son-in-law is good, haha [expression] to introduce you a Zhangzhou or to support distant marriage, can not take care of each other, with a small family, it is not too much to care for the elderly. Like my mother around, housework, help to look after the children, I am also very relaxed and free. Old people have any diseases, I can take to the hospital is also convenient. Listen to your mother, yes, it's just that every man of the right size must marry a provincial boyfriend, okay? You can ask if the man is willing to come to your side, if he refuses, it means that he will only give birth to you so that if you do not consider your parents insist on marrying far away, the future will certainly regret, people at different ages have different ideas, you can not realize now…

Really, the older you get, the deeper you get
Either break up or let your boyfriend buy a house and settle down on your side of my mother-in-law's home is two hours away from her mother's home, I regret that I did not listen to my mother's advice to marry in the next village, really the older the deeper the experience. My mother has worked hard all her life, and I often think that if I married the next village, I could ride a small donkey to visit her every day, help her wash clothes, mop the floor and do some housework, so that she would not be so tired… I even thought that in the future, when my mother is old and sick and needs me to take care of her, I can not immediately go to her side, not to say that two hours is very close, marriage, children and study is not you can return immediately. Anyway, in my body, I want to marry as close as possible, close to my parents a phone call, I can ride a bicycle home immediately, it is a fact that it is best to not go home after marriage, and it is also a fact that I can't take care of the elderly at critical moments. I have only one sister, before working in Xiamen and Xianyou young man love married, now settled in Xiamen. Life was hard, the house was bought by my eldest brother and his brother-in-law's eldest brother, and the minivan was bought by us. From the day she got married, the three of us subsidized my sister seven or eight thousand a month until the year before last. I am an only child, my relatives are basically only children, I strongly recommend you listen to your mother!! You are your parents only rely on, the only spiritual sustenance. You feel like your life is being controlled, and I think you're being naive and immature. It can also be said that you are selfish and not responsible.

Will the family continue?
Listen to Jay Chou: listen to your mother, don't let her get hurt and say that you can't marry far away, how many are holding the concept of raising children for old age, think that their children have to surround themselves, but did not think that the child's life is also belongs to his own marriage that is not blessed by parents is rarely happy. Please think again! Only child, really not recommended to marry far away. From your own point of view, after giving birth to a baby, or wronged, parents can't help you at all. You don't have anyone to complain to. Don't talk about your troubles on the phone. From a parent's point of view, you've had your heart in you for 20 years, and suddenly you're away from them. Want to see what you can't see (don't say what video, not the same). A little pain or something, you want to come to see, you have your own family children, can not come. What's the point of having children? You have a close person to support each other when you need them. Will the family continue? To be honest, I do not know the benefits of far marriage, but my own marriage is very close, although said to settle in Xiamen, but we will go back to the festival, more than 2 hours away, every time I go home, I want to go back to the car started ten minutes, and then my relatives in the family, have dinner, CALL, Just a few minutes. There are grievances, there are things to go back to are all kinds of convenience, so the benefits of marriage are still really a lot. I feel controlled now and when you get married, you'll find out what it means to be controlled. Unless his family is very rich, don't marry far away, you will regret it. Love brain can not stop the best or not

The implementation of policies varies from place to place.
To solve the problem of difficulty in seeing a doctor. The news of December 2, it was not the same, the situation is not the same everywhere to see who has bad luck, bad luck will be consumed and beat to death you take the new ten before the news, this IQ, or don't look at the news later.