Group meeting process

Classic! Stay in formation downstairs, please!
The son of the man, self-proclaimed riding YixieQiao, full of red sleeves of the dance of the best son of the world.
I do not have this article. Right, this post to miss the prince for a year.
Hello, happy holidays. Where are you from
Savage girlfriend also has delicate love, the man is not a fool, but also Satan, only I am not among them. Ho ho
The handsome men upstairs… You're gonna pull a tooth or rub your ass
It's too abstract,

Just to give you an example,
We have to. Anything about him has been deleted.
Just ignore them. I'm on your side. I haven't seen much of a mistake since I've been here.
Don't make a mess. Stay away.
Please stay out of it.
Maybe some is misunderstanding, misunderstanding let it in the past, can be better alone, when the wall grass also has no meaning, do not contact it, remember once you are a little too much on potatoes, there is a messy point such as complaining duck a little too much, other posts I have not encountered dazzling
Such a good man, speed dating women do not love, God can not tolerate! Support a!
I have a wife, ha ha, I am to pick up girls, only good girls, for a long time did not listen to the song, today boring shopping walk home Yue hear this song, immediately attracted. Ask a hipster-looking guy what song to sing and say "In the Spring."
Go home to open the computer Baidu to find this song, listened to NN times, very good.
While listening to the song, while thinking about things, can not help but taste mixed, the feeling of vicissitudes can not stop.
If you're interested, go listen.
It's a very early song
It is estimated that you have not watched the Spring Festival Gala, Wang Feng's song, not their own fire, is other people sing fire. Lyrics can really touch a lot of people's hearts.
The song of Sunrise Yang, rough and slightly hoarse voice, sang out the heart, what is the heart, waiting for the answer downstairs.
This is Wang Feng's song, which is sung by "Rising Sun Yang Gang". The reason why it can move many people is that the lyrics contain too much realistic emotion. Of course, I also agree that their Cangsang voice and the background of migrant workers are also very important factors to move people.
The Lord has time to listen to the voice of China Liangbo song, Yang Kun evaluation said he has Xu Wei, Wang Feng Zheng Jun three people combined temperament, I listen to really like Wang Feng, like the kind of very atmospheric, majestic
It's nothing like what I sang. It's still good.
Xuri Yanggang and Wang Feng have listened to the version, and personally feel that Wang Feng is still better.