This is live to understand

On the road to see a three-wheeled simple RV, driving is a man of about 60 years old, and he simply talked, the car is spent 28,000 to buy, full of electricity can run 170 kilometers, with solar panels charging, good day enough to run, today drove over has run five or six hundred miles, ready to run south, I do not feel this is life, ah, Now how many people in society can only be called alive, in the lifetime of the motherland is how many people can not reach the dream, can not let go of too much… |☆| Can the traffic department give this car to the city? | do not ugly | | | this isn't a motor vehicle, it's good to without the registration | | being admired | do | | | | good car being fostered | good | | being is no car go out to play! |☆| This is called living transparent, worth it. | | being no time | | thumb up absolute being is | | being really consider myself very anxious to 48 hours a day busy life but still could only cry and haw | | being is | | being licence, afraid of being clasp. This year's ejiao cake is a great success! The taste is also great, one kilogram of Dong-e-jiao made so much, enough for the family to share it your device does not support video tags. Your device does not support video tags. | | being able | | being forced to, severe | | thanks, complementary material busy day yesterday? | | being is | | looks not simple, time-consuming | | being is yes! Thanks to my husband! It is very laborious to stir-fry |☆||☆||☆| are taken to the pharmacy to do, lazy |☆| do it yourself, you can put anything, put more things |☆| ejiao, rice wine, rock sugar, brown sugar! Walnuts, jujube, wolfberry, longan meat, raisins, dried cranberries, black sesame, |☆| ejiao sold |☆| sorry! Keep the family to eat, in the early morning the first sunshine | | being is | | being up early | | being red | | being is | | being | | being good-looking | | beautiful person this life, not to please others, don't wronged himself. I like this quote: "In a short life, don't try to please anyone, because you can't." No matter how hard you try or how well you do, there will always be someone who doesn't like you. They don't like the way you look, they don't like the way you talk, they don't like the way you eat, they don't even like the way you walk. Why are you trying to curry favor with them? Please yourself!" The relationship between people, in fact, is more fragile than we think, we can not blindly to please others, we must silently work hard to improve themselves. Even if others don't please you and don't consider your feelings, you have to let yourself be happy, stay awake, and let go of what needs to be let go. So, everything you experience, in fact, as long as your heart is open, it is the best arrangement in life. If you can think like this, life will not be wronged yourself. |☆||☆| Feel like divorce advice |☆||☆| rumor true? |☆| wall kill a |☆| happy to live every day