Medicare is getting longer in 2024

The medical insurance has been extended again this year, 3801 years last year, 4201 years today |☆| has increased the living pressure of people without work income |☆| last time someone asked whether to protect the people or the hospital |☆| A family of several people, a year to pay a few thousand yuan. | | being is estimated that more than a year 460 every year up 40 | | being is rising year after year | | being is many people don't pay the | | being is buy a peace | | being able to pay the | | is to buy an insurance, buy a peace. May everyone not use it! |☆| Never look at a minor illness, look down on a major one. |☆| didn't the news say 380? What the hell is 420? What exactly are the parts that make up 420? |☆| no |☆| rising every year ~ |☆| it has nothing to do with the electric fish are so crazy now. A boat in China's four major freshwater lakes three river locks electric fish. Isn't someone going to do something about it? |☆| I want to know, what is Huaian fishing administration doing, taking the people's taxes to eat the empty rates? What's the point of banning fishing for ten years, and the emperor of the sea is far away? |☆| Functional departments do not act, the commission for Discipline inspection can not control? |☆| did you see it from the gate |☆| I want to know what the Shanghai fishery administration is doing, taking the common people's tax money and eating empty rates? Where is the significance of the ten-year fishing ban expressly stipulated by the state, there is no supervisor and no executioner, is it really high and the emperor is far away |☆| can directly call the police. |☆| also do not know whether to the commission for Discipline inspection or to the fishery administration |☆| play 110|☆| the commission for discipline inspection idle management of this matter? |☆| Douyin search @ sea fishing, three river locks are electric fish in the daytime |☆| dare to electricity, you are not afraid of being caught, because they have a relationship. You have no relationship with the electricity not three days, caught you |☆| call, after Jiang Ba garden police five minutes to |☆| White water Lake fishery administration is the Huaian and Yangzhou municipal agricultural commission, Sanhezha downstream do not know who to manage, anyway, regardless of the Commission for discipline inspection |☆| their leaders do not brush the tone to take a day off, go home in advance to prevent high-speed traffic. |☆| Not home in Shanghai? |☆| Happy holidays |☆| Motorcycle? |☆| heart in Shanghai |☆| thank you to wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day! | | being take me with you, I to navigate | | the holidays being seven tianle | being is | | | you are being is urethral catheterization | | eight days, 8 days! |☆| I will go home and prepare the pork head. | | being little carnivore | | being is | | being is | | being the enemy with 30 seconds to reach the battlefield | | being is | | being is bad to drink | | being is | | being acbel master saw big-eyed | | I won't go with you being | | being is | | story is false, but people write stories "hui" the word is really can't write! | | hahaha being | | being a typo | | being funny | do | | do | | | you being observant | | being inflexible | | despise you order today, milk tea, fruit juice drink ice cream to eat, to eat fruit and other temporary don't want to eat, don't pick up | | being is | | being master bath chap you no longer think about it! | | business being is not widespread | | being borrow your post I can go to bed every day, after all, very trapped | | being expected to long-term development | | praise does not consider, can't eat | | being is | | being is also a good project | | being is | | being can you go in to buy something | | small place being | | being by another person can never let you get rid of loneliness | | being lulutong | | the rain also being a lot | | being is yes? Just a few minutes | | being jin chengguo border south garden | | being under small | | being is | | being cool | | being disciplined to line | | being is I have been considering whether | | | just leave shut things being is being too much | | word do | | being fostered | | do | | do | | do | | | being two ear not smell out the window | | being is | | being sunny | | being the weather is good. |☆||☆| good weather convenient energy saving |☆| a multi-purpose |☆| illegal operation! |☆| illegal operation |☆| no ticket operation |☆| walking bomb… | | being bold | | being happy | | being tired and happy | | | happy being fostered hard | | | advances confidently