What does the loss to the Philippines mean?

The collapse of the Olympic system? Maybe it's a good thing? Change the coach, youth training to find a European coach it means that the food is too good, the body is too fat, the action is slow, can not keep up with the rhythm. The kind of beans, but want to let the knot watermelon agree to dig coal so that a group of actors can only fight fake ball abroad to play games, the leadership of the General Administration of sports is also heart big. It shows that the management method is too backward. This crop of talent is a good Zhou Qi, but also because of the transfer of the thing waste… A complete failure of professionalism! Returning to the professional system is the only option. In projects where the business system is well developed, the professional system is no match. It sucks. It's not just entertainment, it's sports. What about a championship? The national health is improved? You're respected when you go abroad? There is no lack of talent with the people, but the selection is not necessarily talent! ty world really said it was a dirtier game! No longer pay attention to the result of the game and enjoy the process of sports can prove that the Chinese people's sports concept is really mature! It means the management system sucks and there's a shortage of talent. The current social impression is that the way out of childhood sports is narrow or even no way out, resulting in no one to play, no mass base, from where to select talents? In contrast, in the United States, where basketball professionalism is the best, every black person knows that entering the NCAA is half of the success, entering the nba this life is developed, there are various scholarships, and poor people have the same opportunity if they are talented, so there are countless basketball stars. I only sold $200 today, and they won't give me a cent, so I don't care about that stuff. It means that they can't do anywhere, the appearance of Zhou Qipiao, in addition to growing high may you have not noticed, your tax money is one of the reasons for their existence