[Exposure station] Shenzhen Mountain Hospital also my child!!

All my wife's pregnancy tests from pregnancy to delivery have been done in the North Ward of Shenzhen Mountain Hospital, and the results of each test were normal. At 18:00 on July 19, my wife had contractions and was admitted to the hospital. During the hospitalization, the fetal heart rate was monitored, and the indicators were very good. During the hospitalization, the doctor provided the method of natural delivery according to the B-ultrasound examination sheet of my wife on July 8. At 21:13, we had another B-ultrasound. The results of this B-ultrasound showed that the fetus was breech and had less amniotic fluid. The nurse on duty called the doctor on duty and told us to go back to the ward and wait, but no doctor and nurse came to follow up, during which my wife had severe contractions indirectly. At around 1:30 in the morning of the 20th, I went to the doctor's office again and found that there was no doctor, so I went to the nurse station and called the nurse, but after the nurse came, I just asked my wife about the feeling of pain. It is not to the extent of let continue to wait, and then about 3:30 pain, I went to the doctor's office again, the doctor came to my wife to check, at this time the doctor found that the fetal position is breech began to tense up, brought the instrument to detect the fetal heart, but almost can not be detected, after the delivery room can be imagined, in the severe pain, and so on is the great news. Originally happy mood at this moment into the heart of the colic, when the child was still good in the hospital left the world, ten months of suffering, ten months of waiting, the family has been looking forward to the baby, was a few hours away can meet with mom and dad, but because of the doctor's dereliction of duty with us forever… I just want to ask, do you have any problems with the working attitude of doctors in Shenzhen Mountain Hospital? I don't even look at the B-ultrasound list. Have I done an evaluation of the delivery method? Shouldn't breech be considered a C-section first? Is the fetal heart rate monitored in time? Is the process of work scientific and standardized? Or are they just taking it for granted, playing with the lives of patients and fetuses? Since the 5th, the hospital staff has avoided the serious, and various excuses say that they are not responsible for the death of my child. Can only bear my medical expenses during the hospital, etc., I can't think of, you have no responsibility, but my son lost his life, so by your doctor's malfeasance lost his life, can it be said that my wife is wrong to be pregnant? Is it wrong that we came to your hospital to have a baby? This kind of treatment rhetoric of Shenzhen Mountain hospital is too chilling !!!! Now the control of caesarean section is more strict, there is no indication will generally not agree to the section, but it does need to strengthen monitoring and observation, if you can not do the monitoring at any time or lack of experience, only let that dry wait, the fetus in the abdomen is really prone to problems, after all, the situation in the stomach is changing at any time, the doctor does not agree that there are many problems with caesarean section. It's so sad, it's in the upper house, it can happen like this, the doctor doesn't show up for hours, it's not too bad, try the phone office without a doctor on duty. Breech why arrange natural birth? That's a problem too. Look at your statement! Should we ask the nurse what's going on? The culture of Shenzhen mountain is really not good breech check out to find the doctor is not tell the nurse! Then find the doctor is not there, find the nurse wait! I went back to the doctor, and he didn't even know it was breech! So did the nurse relay the information to the doctor the first time? To which doctor? In fact, this is the country in miniature! There's a doctor on duty! But that doctor doesn't seem to know anything about having babies! And it's breech! The doctor who finally showed up didn't even know what was going on! The point is that the doctor doesn't know breech until the last check! 21:13 to 3:30. Sent the message six hours ago! 6 hours later, the doctor did not know when I was born to find the person, went to 3 o 'clock in the evening, stayed in the maternity room, stayed until the afternoon before starting to live, the person said, nothing during the day to get you out, do not change shifts, they are 3 shifts, afraid of changing shifts. There is a what pour joy what mess like thousands of said can alleviate the pain of pregnant women, there is the spine to play well medicine this cheap, if you do not know people, the doctor must say that this play well medicine can not have sequelae, we do not know the people sure to get which pour joy. Someone I know just gave my date an anesthetic, and it didn't hurt at all. Object surface also said there is a use of which what the pain of childbirth croaking, which pour le is to look for the original individual children taught her how to breathe, soothe her talk with her… Help the most uncomfortable ah, the crime is not less suffered, the child is gone, ten months of hard work, the pain of the bone seam is all open dearly beloved baby, dearly beloved the mother! Innocent little life. Is this medical malpractice? Poor mother and son, the family waited 10 months for this outcome Sue the hospital must be pursued