Where will Yuyao local women go from here?

A large number of foreign population influx, a large number of foreign beautiful women continue to impact Yuyao local women, there is no wonder that foreign small three intervene, because can not afford to get local wife and get foreign wife is endless. Here, I give Yuyao woman a piece of advice, if you want to marry to other places, then various cultural differences, various living habits, various exclusion and strange eyes will make you crazy, of course, do not rule out good examples; If you want to marry to the local, then please lower your posture, reduce your requirements, do not always stare at the house and car, although material is important, but later you will find that the basis of feelings is more important than anything! But when you look back, you will see that everything on the outside is a cloud, and you will find out what is the true meaning of life. I am a married man, my wife is a local woman living in the new city garden, we from high school to university to work to now, from acquaintance to acquaintance to love to love, simple and simple, there is nothing to show off, I am a rural child, nothing, the family still owes a butt of debt, but she is willing to follow me, so I think I am happy, Although life is poor, it is simple and happy. Happiness is not house, car and family conditions, happiness is a simple life that little touched, happiness is a simple life that little content. Fair enough, but not all local girls are materialistic. We are not dealing with groups, but individuals, please do not generalize, most of the local girls are good, love without bread is love is very reasonable, but some of the local girls are not all the requirements, but their parents asked. You can't say that we don't have to marry, go to the nunnery to get a better attitude Ha ha, not all women are material, sometimes women just care, consideration and tolerance, a little love can also make a woman moved for a while, LZ no money, it is estimated that you have a lot of love to your wife, you love your wife very much, Women want sometimes very simple, ha ha, forced prostitution 123 As a local, and is about to be out of season and no one to ask the age, I just want to say, we are not anxious, the floor and the ridicule of the visitors why worry? It's true that the emperor is not in a hurry to kill the damned eunuch. It's too much to ask… Is it true that LZ has received too much stimulation in the past and finally married a wife to show off here today? If it is not LZ, how do you know that local women are material women? Many of my classmates and relatives blind date local girls, not eyes above the top to higher education, but also have a house and a car, long is not how. I'm not used to seeing this feeling… Dude, the women who play the forums are mostly local, you're not looking for yourself… I sympathize with you… But often those who think simple want to get simple people can not get what they want, really want simple few, those who say simple, in fact, are false, a contact will come to a lot of rules and regulations, more and more requirements, today compared with this, tomorrow compared with that. It's all left in the end. I've met several of them. The kids who really want simplicity are too big, and the rest aren't. There are those who are cheated and hurt, and want to find an honest person, the same reason, are false. As a Yuyao people in the new era, my love concept has exceeded the city, provincial boundaries, national boundaries, of course, there is no planet world. Whether it is foreign girls, or Yuyao girls, all want to marry well, for a comfortable life less struggle for a few years, this itself is not wrong, demanding their own capital, feel that they can not give them the life they want now or later, we can go around. Complaining about the local girl's demanding friends should also think about themselves, have lived for so many years, whether they have worked hard, whether they have succeeded. I think a down-to-earth, hard-working man with good prospects, even if you don't have money right now, girls will appreciate you. Brother, are you from Liang Hui? Good local women are mostly limited to the last generation… Now the post-80s girls, very few good. Mouths say they don't like things, that's bullshit… As the 15th floor said, the requirements seem simple, in fact, there are too many restrictions… Now s children are living under the shelter of their parents, parents will not say their own flesh and blood, to put it bluntly a little pet meaning. When the child grows up to find a partner, extend these tones to love. What the hell is good for me, love me, love me. Girls can't talk, they can't do anything. This man can't get on in society