On the left, on the right, let's take a piss

First of all, the right side is Mo Mo's friend and the left side, because when he was with the right side, Mo Mo met, it is a small friendship, although I do not know the details of the story, but Mo Mo still knows the story from a neutral point of view to tell a story probably at first Mo Mo personally thinks that it is not the right side to abandon the left side because the two of them had talked about marriage, And then the left mother is more disgusted with the right as to whether it is disgusted with character, or disgusted with no money, anyway, you see their own to understand, which should not be able to explain the truth so two people broke up ah, because of the family relationship, two people should not get married, but the left want to insist on the right also accompany her, do not know when it is not male and female friends, It's just that… Because the mother on the left was very adamant that they should not be together, so later on the right found a girlfriend… About refueling see altar friends said, pay, refueling is on the left, in fact, the right to work do not drive, it seems to be a bicycle, because the work is next to his home, walking is estimated to be ten minutes, the right only when you go out to drive, running is basically the city. The displacement looks like 2.5, which you can convert yourself. The salary on the right is not high, but according to the right side of Mo Mo knows, usually money is not lavish, ha ha ha, at least I often say he is stingy, ha ha ha. Well, not the kind that spends money, doesn't smoke, seems to drink, how much, I don't know. Well, this is the inside knowledge of Mo Mo, Mo Mo thinks it is quite neutral, because there are two sides to the left, and can not say anything, the right is more familiar, may know a little sand flower… Onlookers… People in the know know that you stole my sand flowers… I didn't want you to like it, you don't feel too good about yourself I think your head is very good oh, I wish you have 4 than la la la la, ghost knows you are male or female