If one day, I marry someone else, if you still love me, just make a big wedding and get me back, okay?

If one day, I marry someone else, if you still love me, just make a big wedding and get me back, okay? Do you want to make a movie? Just watch TV. There's no need for that, right? Would you marry someone you don't love at all? How can the groom feel? Even if it is good, as long as you are not loyal to yourself, it is better not to be killed by more than a hundred people, and remember to ask him to bring more people… Or you'll be beaten to death by your husband's relatives and friends… Sick ah, have to cure have chosen to marry someone else, but also grab back you why? Life isn't a TV show. Fine, rob you, get a room, take a picture, and dump you the next day… Ha ha ha… What a bitch. You ever wonder how the guy who got robbed feels, watching too much fucking TV? Get real. Fuck, you golden bitch! Inlaid with gold! It's so boring… I think there is a good chance that the man will take your husband's hand and tell you: He loves me. Can marry someone else, do you feel the need to nostalgia? It's all a game, and you're the loser! And he's on his honeymoon with his booty! Bless him haha ~~ Her wife is also dumped by others, he wants it! The Lord wants to open a point, marriage, it means the wedding ceremony, it means that the xxoo past you and ta in bed touching, now ta lying in someone else's bed with others touching, think about themselves alone, that is not willing ah! … lz, alas… When you say nothing can not be put down, in fact, you have lost, thinking about the original and their own lingering that person, and now lingering with others, aftertaste that scene, really tangled. The bad feelings can choose to treasure, but don't lose the chance to find true love for a person who does not belong to you and an emotion that has ended. Hold in the hand is the most real, to pursue your own truth! Ahh… There's no need to get so sentimental…… It happens to all of us… Just go to Zhoushan for fun or Xitang for fun? Zhoushan fun, can stay in the Sheraton Zhoushan good. Zhoushan fun is not fun, I think or Lijiang fun two choice or Zhoushan fun point I think Zhoushan good floor said is 2 choose 1, not to ask where fun, or fun place Zhoushan fun want to relax, quiet point to Xitang, swim the old street, make a pot of tea, lying on the bamboo lounge to listen to the opera, see cormorant fishing, very comfortable. If you want to be lively and unbridled, go to Zhoushan, where you can play more and eat more. September 18, 2023 - September 24, Xiamen second-hand housing transactions 497 sets, transaction area of 78,056 square meters, of which 350 sets of second-hand residential transactions, an increase of 17.85%, transaction area of 37,932 square meters, an increase of 19.72%. Observation of the transaction area/set in the past two months can be found: most are in the improvement of replacement, out of 90 flat sets, buy 100-110 of the middle set, that is, the more regular three F two guards do not learn Q old broken small, be careful, do not cover in the hand. [This post was re-edited at 2023-09-25 13:17] A month and four weeks is just over a thousand sets. On a good day, it is 4 to 6 thousand units, and 1 to 200 units a day