Camping at night was really good, and the weather in October was a bit chilly

The feeling of camping at night is really great, the weather in October is a little cold, cook a packet of instant noodles to eat, the body is warm, very comfortable, the first night camping, beside the Pingtian Lake, there are friends who like camping? Mosquito: listen to me thank you, because you have the warmth of the four seasons {Beijing} open a motorhome travel better, but first a little common sense of wild survival! {{} I'm afraid the boar will get under my tent {{} Isn't it raining? The lake is too humid, be careful. {♀} Is it really cold these two days {♀} not cold? {♀} Yes. Lake cold too heavy do not advocate wild camping quiet! {♀} The important thing is moisture, moisture must be in the tent! Pingtianhu camping {{} wild shit is not afraid of snakes and mosquitoes? There are no mosquitoes, fire heating, cook a delicious drink a cup of hot tea, not bad. Mosquitoes are happy to die {♀} to Hefei, the camping capital of the middle of the night a little afraid {♀} pay attention to timely add clothes {♀} cold s me. {♀} Sleep in the middle of the night not afraid of ghosts kick the door ah? It's cold in the morning and at night. {Beijing} long hold for a long time, rheumatism tracking {Beijing} temperature has dropped, camping must be cautious. There are drops of open wedding car also bad fun {Beijing} today is a good day {Beijing} would like to be married for love {Beijing} congratulations {Beijing} drive a car, not fresh {Beijing} now marriage is still popular so ah. {♀} Indeed yes {♀} Yes yes {♀} woman's name is not much {♀} Proglo home layout is very interesting {♀} early birth of your son {♀} good point like {♀} today I also married, in the vineyard hotel {♀} point like point like {♀} Ha ha, look at this banner, this is married a ancestor. Why is clearly an ordinary woman but there are always a lot of people think that they are fairies in the sky. Before marriage is the queen, after marriage, may gradually become a "maid"! Anecdote: Many men in your pool do not do any housework, just make money or play! {♀} Congratulations. {♀} Where is this {♀} Congratulations {♀} Good. Today is indeed a good day. May the couple grow old together. {♀} Today is a good day, thanks to the country. {♀} Not bad {♀} Thank you for sharing {♀} not bad {♀} funny one, interesting soul thousands of miles pick a {♀} National Day marriage season {♀} go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, {♀} Wedding is the top of love. Although only two will not, this will not, that will not, also do not know what will (⊙o⊙)? {Beijing} National Day marriage is much {Beijing} National Day is the peak season {Beijing} This is to marry to the provincial capital {Beijing} a good day today