Chizhou city vs Shengze town, netizens call more than

Shenzhen (prefectural city) vs Shengze Town (Township of Wujiang District, Jiangsu Province) GDP: Shenzhen 107.8 billion vs Shengze Town 47.4 billion Population: Shenzhen 1.32 million vs Shengze Town 500,000 Population: Shenzhen 1.62 million vs Shengze Town 140,000 Industry: Shenzhen - Tourism, new materials, semiconductors, textiles and so on vs Shengze Town - textile accounts for 90% of the number of tertiary hospitals: Shenzhen 2 vs Shengze Town 1 Shengze is a silk textile town with a long history, and Suzhou, Hangzhou, Huzhou and known as China's four silk capitals. The town has more than 2,500 enterprises of all kinds, more than 130,000 shuttleless looms, an annual output of all kinds of textiles 10 billion meters, 3 million tons of spinning capacity, 3 billion meters of printing and dyeing finishing capacity. Located in Shengze Township, the area of China's Eastern Silk Market has reached 4 square kilometers, and the annual market turnover continues to exceed 100 billion. At present, there are more than 100 textile enterprises in the Jiangnan industrial concentration area in Shenzhen, and hundreds of textile and garment enterprises in Shenzhen. The rapid rise of the textile industry has provided a large number of jobs for residents, including many high-paying technical jobs. To make the textile industry can enrich the people, but also have a unified statistical caliber, data integrity and representation! East and west, I do not know what to express! {♀} has a hammer comparable, to Beijing Shanghai, other places are all rural people {♀} This is not comparable to it {♀} can not compare, indeed can not compare, look up to {♀} why to compare? Can it be compared to the property of officials? Good beautiful Shenzhen, you live comfortably in accordance with the current speed of development in Shenzhen, in a few years you have a spell, such as the textile industry production capacity of Shengze, Jiangnan district has no capacity figures, how to compare. The remaining figures that can explain the quality of industries and enterprises are not listed, such as value-added tax, enterprise income tax, individual income tax, import and export value, the number of re-employment employees, social security of employees, output value, profits and so on. {♀} There is no comparison! Compared with the outside is not interesting, because Shenzhen is with Fengyang, nothing than that is also crushed material {Shengze a town's output value is similar to your pool district. The town government building is even more impressive than the government of Guichi District. Town hospital than the second hospital (Guichi District People's Hospital) is better {{} opened the horizon {{} there is a developed area. Take our village and Zhongguancun than {{} you Wujiang a town and our Shenzhen city than {{} more than 20 years ago have no more than {{} can not compare, Shengze, Pingwang, Tongli and so on are strong towns in southern Jiangsu. Mainly, the concept of people can not be compared, does it mean that the concept of Shenzhen people backward? There must be. {♀} Heavy industry can prosper!! Shenzhen should strive for policy support! Develop new material recycling industry in heavy industry! Introduce labor-intensive enterprises! Only in this way can there be great development! {♀} No comparison, okay, here to find smoke? Shengze town in 2008 there are 5 five-star hotels certified by the National Tourism and Hotel Association, and Shenzhen those who advertise themselves as five-star hotels are almost their own certification of Shengze town floating population than Shenzhen resident population more, how to compare it? People a police station and your pool public security bureau police force is basically the same! Can not be compared, 20 years to work in Zhejiang Keqiao town, at that time the prosperity of Keqiao town is you dare not imagine. {♀} read.. They are certainly cheap prices, high treatment, housing prices are cheap, 140,000 people also what shopping malls, a few supermarkets are enough {{} in Shengze for five years, so strong town China is not much {{} large labor, intensive industry is the focus of investment, concentrated industry is the king! China coastal so a few places developed, compared to go no fun, to the United States small Japan than it {Beijing} a provincial prefecture-level city, a township in southern Jiangsu, what is comparable between the two!