Like older girlfriend!

Why do I prefer older girlfriends? Can someone tell me why ????
The bigger ones are more considerate
There is another great advantage
Just when you're sad or bored
You can lie in her arms and act cute
Ho ho
You can still be a fool
Older girls better: will be considerate. Easy to communicate. Biggest feature: more feminine!
Valentine's Day is here, and I wish those of us who don't have lovers (big friends! Children) Happy holidays, a person to go out a good meal! Drink to yourself! Friends who believe in the Lord go to the front of the Lord to make a good wish, friends who believe in Buddha in front of the Buddha to burn incense, Ming see Valentine's Day must not be a person! By the way, those lovers too many friends must pay attention, today is your good day to lose money!
Remember one Valentine's Day, she said to me, Valentine's Day is coming, what are you going to send me? I said to her, "How about I cook you a nice meal?" She smiled and told me she wanted flowers! This year's Valentine's Day, I'm going to make myself a delicious meal, in the pour myself! Next year's Valentine's Day, I hope that someone who is willing to eat my meal will give her a big meal!!
Oh, don't make Valentine's Day miserable
Or you can sleep all day and wake up and Valentine's Day is over. Hehe……
I think that's fine.
You're better than school. Can you sleep all day?