Valentine's Day without a Valentine

A lot of people around here are going to have Valentine's Day without a lover!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the friends who don't have lovers!

I wish no lover friends find a lifetime of love as soon as possible!
Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I wish you find a lover who will spend a lifetime with her on Valentine's Day.
Singles tie the knot early
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
I'm not happy anymore
Bombard Valentine's Day!!
No lovers no holidays, holidays I only sell flowers
Flowers for sale. Flowers for sale. Men can come to my shop. Ladies, can I buy from you?
Life is short, how can I so silently waste?
In order to find myself a home as soon as possible,
I'm determined to do whatever it takes.
Wrong. Wrong.
That thought eventually caught up with me.
I didn't realize I was in such a hurry,
It was such a terrible scene.
That was when I was cornered,
Seduced a married woman.
Who knew the crime was exposed,
Got caught red-handed.
Only regret not knowing martial arts,
We didn't get our way out.
Helpless at the mercy of others,
There was a retaliation.
They were angry and angry,
Fight without looking back.
The blade knife circulates,
Bricks frequently greet.
I was bleeding all over,
My legs are still twitching.
Take that evil step wrong,
I almost died with my eyes closed.
Terror, terror. ,
I'm glad I'm still alive.
The one I created and played,
Gave me a very deep feeling.
The past is fresh in my mind,