The cry of a bachelor! (Repost)

Cars crave roads,
Flowers and plants long for rain,
Eunuchs are desperate for male hormones.
The soul desires to cross over,
The heart longs for home,
And I was desperate for a wife.
looking for her for thousand times in the crowd,
Level the path under your feet.
Suddenly look back and look around,
There are countless aunts.
The occasional beautiful woman,
And a married woman,
Most of the rest,
It's basically unsightly.
Time flies like a rabbit,
The hurry would not stop.
It's dragging me to the age where I should be a parent.
But God is hateful,
He didn't care about me.
You brought me up to be nothing,
It is difficult to win the love of a young girl.
I once asked the match-in-law for help,
Begged him to put an end to my single life.
And the favor he gave me,
The wicked women and the resentful women came one after another.
Compared to their swagger,
And the merciless slaughter of my spirit,
I prefer to compromise,
Willing to walk the road to death.
Helpless, helpless.
In fact, I am not useless.
I have many good points to list and state.
But I don't know why,
I have never been admired or supported
My love is evident,
Most enthusiastic about public welfare donations.
For the welfare of the motherland and the rapid progress of sports,
I am tireless in the sports lottery and lottery center betting;
In order to show the world the superior socialist system,
And how well-off we are under the leadership of the Party and the state,
I resolutely increased the amount of alcohol I drank,
Finally developed a beer belly that represents abundance;
I also insist on serving the people and helping others with my greatest passion.
In order for this to work,
I had to help the aunt who did not want to go across the road…
I received far less praise than I was scolded.
I do not understand why my efforts in return for other people's contempt or even anger.
Because of my extraordinary talent,
Put them to shame,
Or my noble character and grace,
Made them so jealous?
My excellence does not make me arrogant,
Not because of their own greatness and pride.
I thought that was how I'd get a girl to fall in love with me,
Who knows I still have no signs and prospects until now.
In fact, to treat women like prey,
I'm a lost hunter.
Because I don't know anything about hunting.
Should follow the herd,
Or should we just keep waiting,
After thinking for a long time, I did not come up with a clear idea.
Maybe this is my prison, too,
Is another factor in my inability to get love.
Maybe there was a time when my luxury was thwarted,
And that's what's happening now.
In this country,
Rich in population resources.
But why are there so many men who can't marry?
Because of the shackles of feudal ideology,
Disrupting the ratio and number of men and women,
Or is it because society is going backwards,
Back to polygamy?
It's fucking angry to think about it sometimes,
Why do you think a rich man can keep a million mistresses?
Is it only for power and wealth,
Free from moral constraints,
And leave us alone,
Grab countless resources?
It's weird that women are too sophisticated,
Desperate for money and status.
All I know is gardens and bungalows and villas,
Turn the concept of true love upside down.
I can't wait to turn into an animal,
Even if it's just an animal that's working hard.
At the master's command,
No need to feel helpless as a human being.
Or maybe we could just make a change,
A complete sex change operation.
Run into the crowd to make up for yourself,
So that singles can choose one more way out.
The streets are dotted with matchmakers.
I had a fantasy that they could help me sell.
But the end result is that I understand what it means to be a father,
And the wedding nursery drained my income for years.
I can't eat pig feet and see the pig run is also to heal my soul.
So the downtown area where I can see beautiful women has become my favorite place.
When I see them walk down the catwalk,
In and out of my sight,
I can always feel the long lost heart beat and lament their being married.
The reality hit me hard.
I hate it when couples get too intimate in public.
If you see someone step out of line,
I'll stop them and alert them to the entrance.
The results, of course, need not be detailed,
I often experience the richness of body language.
That said, I haven't diminished my interest in the matter,
On the contrary, I feel that it is necessary to increase the propaganda offensive and intensity.
Without an outpouring of love,
I am as 涸辙之鲋.
It's really hard for me to live like this.
Watching my friends become fathers,
The happy harmony of a little life,
I am not deeply envious,
And aspire to emotional poverty alleviation?
They say a man doesn't cry,
But that's definitely not the sad part.
Who knows how many times tears have blurred the window of my heart?
And we're all just a drop in the ocean,
Why can't I land on the shore of love?
Only mouthful of dry vinegar,
Passively fulfill the obligation of late marriage and late childbearing!
I'm retracing it now.
After a painful struggle,
Finally rising to unprecedented heights.
What is the feeling in the world,
I was enlightened.
It seems we can't be too blind in emotional matters.
You can't stop it,
If it's not yours, it can't stay.
Other people's wives are not easy to touch, no matter how good.
There is a saying that a person's skin can be made of nothing,
Where am I supposed to find my wife when I'm OVER?
Besides, life is short,
There are many things to cherish and care for.
The halo of love is dazzling,
After all, it is not the whole of life.
The scars of age are everywhere.
A skin without love grows old more quickly.
Looking at my face, which could not be smoothed with a steam iron,
I don't know who else would trust me with her life.
Waiting to die,
It lasts until the end of life.
I hope that the legislation to solve the problem of singles will be promulgated soon,
If only I could step first into the grave of marriage
Wow, crying with laughter…
Funny, the author can't be Stephen Chow.
NB ah NB
HMMM, better than Lu Xun's shout !!!!!!!!
I strongly support the Nobel Prize in Literature !!!!!!
Such a talented bachelor is rare
That's it.
Classics, I turned
Aunt aunt saw you through the throat of the cry, also was laughed bent old waist, ah… Ha-ha…
So talented can not have a beautiful woman??
The top one!
Realistic and classic! Well written!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Ha-ha! Well said!
The New Year, let's add some spices for the forum, to some jokes, I wish everyone a happy New Year!
How can this guy talk!!! I laughed out of position.
Although this article out of the truth, some literary talent, but from the content, this person selfish, self-interest, are owed to her by others, in terms of natural law measurement, this person should be eliminated.
There are countless aunts.
The occasional beautiful woman,
And a married woman,
Most of the rest,
It's basically unsightly.
Why isn't this funny? What are you all laughing at?
Haha, it is not correct to say that the landlord has, that is quite talented!
Such a talented bachelor, leave me to do the wing room. ^o^
Moon Light, if you break the law, I will report you to the prosecutor's office!
Ho ho
Don't be angry.
It's not like they meant to say that
That's the kind of women we have here. No one's mad about it. I guess I was too cheap.
But I'm willing to be that stingy.