Who else is sticking with speed dating?

Please report!
The an
It was there yesterday and today
Holidays can not forget the friends here, as long as the Internet must come around.
It's someone who doesn't stick to speed dating. Isn't everyone here?
I'm ready to leave
My heart is getting a little cold
They're new! I'm the only one at the senior level!
I, and many others like me, are here, but persistence is victory!
How long have you been here?
How many more years is that gonna take? How much failure? Does it count as sticking to it every day?
Barely you, but I hope you don't stick to it this year, haha.
Oh, I'm here. Eight months. It's not easy
It's only eight years. I'm almost eight years old
It's been six months. Nothing. Keep waiting.
I don't want to keep it anymore. It's hopeless.
I must wait
Well, first of all, I wish you a good outcome soon,