Teacher salon ---- Teacher, your hard work!

I found that there are many teachers here, and I am also, look at my screen name, I am a high school math teacher.

Since we are all teachers, I hope we can talk about your feelings when you are a teacher, happy and complaining.

One of my most hated words is: there are no students who can't teach, only teachers who can't teach!
Feel the same way
I have a sleepy student in my class
He said to me, "Teacher, can you speak in a lower voice? I want to sleep, thank you."
Accidental fainting
Just not hard, holiday at home, it is good to be a teacher, under the rainstorm hiding at home, under the blizzard hiding at home, how good

Good, now everywhere raining snow, do not know how to go to work, or our teacher is good, holiday,
Have to agree, have to miss. At that time, college teachers were not on duty, and they studied two classes twice a week (two classes each), and some research tasks. If you want to invest in stocks, now really do not be happy to die!
I think the big brother also came out of the normal college? Why don't you become a teacher?

The country is calling you
Well, then you're a happy gold collar or white collar teacher.
I am a primary school teacher in a poor mountainous area in rural areas, where pork is 15 yuan per catty and cabbage is 2 yuan per catty, but our salary is only 1,000 yuan. We have a serious shortage of teachers here, and can only concentrate the children in the mountains in the central school (grade 5 and 6), but also have to go to morning and evening self-study. I have to help the kids with money and meal tickets, and I have to worry about the health of the students in bad weather. Working hours of more than 10 hours a day, we such teachers called coolie teachers oh!
Yeah, it is. 64
Teachers usually work very hard, during the winter vacation, the marriage/speed dating let teachers come first,

When the teacher is happy, the students will be scolded less, and the success of the teacher's speed dating is also the blessing of the students.
The proposal stipulates that this month is: teacher recruitment month.

I hope that the broad masses of people will actively sign up and support the educational cause of the motherland with practical actions!
Heh! You're such a talented student.

When I was at school, I only slept in phonics class. In other classes, I only liked talking and eating snacks. Teachers see don't scold me, I have already corrected.
My school is a private martial arts school
Everyone is active in martial arts
Every time I go to school, I sleep
Can't help it
They all get up at 5:00 in the morning to run
Don't talk about him.
I even slept with them once
(We can't disturb the students while they're asleep, right?)
Oh, my God
Unfortunately for Confucius
That's too much work, isn't it? Those are kids.
Martial arts school is like that
Winter practice 39
Practice in summer and in three days
I just got bored
Why don't we practice culture class?
I mentioned that
Said they were up too early
How does the principal say: this problem is not there is a sentence is to dance after smelling the chicken is to learn martial arts is like this
Have kids ever heard a chicken crow? Daaaaaa!
Martial arts schools also need to learn cultural classes!
I feel the same way. We're on the same team. Back it up
My son has heard chickens crow. Heheh! That cock crows at 3:00 in the afternoon. Don't pass out!! I'm serious.
Said this
Is it okay not to study culture?
After all
The purpose of our school is to create a group of literary and military talents
Of course
The premise is to pay the tuition first
(Tired of it. I really don't want to do it.)
What kind of world is this
Even the world-famous rooster was not on time
Messed up
What a mess
Sis, sis
I don't want to lose face
There's always a reason
Makes me dizzy
Dizzy ~~~~
Report for duty!
I like this sentence: the world's talents and education, is not happy?

Where the school is a focus, good students abound. I also have a sense of accomplishment in teaching, and I like it very much.
However, these years basically cancelled the winter and summer holidays, let my heart is very depressed…… . Well, we're still at work…

In fact, as long as you like this occupation, bitter, tired, low pay, ho ho, can endure ah. Just love it!!
You are a rising star. The party's education depends on you.