The fragrance of earth

These days, I watched TV, I thought there would be a better program during the festival, but the last fun was repeated from one station to another and then from the end to the beginning. Perhaps I am not willing to look deeply, giving people the feeling is like a tube of plain water poured into another tube and then poured into a third tube, or like a thing directly above the head, how to see also can not see.
I used to like to use a word to describe things that can move people - "the taste of earth", like stepping on the ground that can grow all things barefoot. But now are cement, the only "dirt" called dust, houses, greening, vegetables, fruits are from the cement grow out, although there is still chlorophyll, cellulose, vitamins and so on, but there is no "soil fragrance", if the future is really like some science fiction writers imagine, human beings through a similar "infusion" way to obtain energy, So we're entering this era ahead of schedule.
We can call these "mirages", just like the above said "right above the head", belong to the rootless things, because there is no soil, cement grows only chlorophyll, cellulose, vitamins.
In the previous article, "I" was mentioned, and I think it is precisely because of the lack of "I" that we are happy to live on the concrete floor, lying on the infusion bed, or doing the thing of pouring plain water from one test tube into another test tube, we are absorbing everything, and then output the same thing, without growing anything, so we can't smell any "soil smell". From photography to social ideology.
In photography, we talk about "consumers", "market trends", "customer preferences", etc., but many times, there is no "I" in it, most of it is just symbolic. This makes us more enthusiastic about absorbing, transmitting and exporting these "mirages", emphasizing the "learning process" rather than the "learning result" (as in the previous article, my personal hope is to see some of the results of learning, rather than the process).
My log is also a small test tube of boiled water, useful and useless, please pour your piece of soil, rather than pour another test tube and then pass to others.
Happy New Year with you.
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When it comes to moving things, one word comes to mind: cow dung. Hot cow dung, feet in the feeling of hot cow dung, some people say that it is the most warm, the most practical, the most can move people.