My husband has been out of work for almost two months, and I am going crazy

Husband is unemployed, never, he has always been a workaholic, but now…… (Can not blame him, job-hopping did not jump, meet people not shu) Originally thought would not be unemployed for too long, did not expect…… I'm in a bad mood, too. I'm busy and under a lot of pressure, but I don't feel motivated to work anymore. It's like I'm just messing around every day with nothing to look forward to. It would have been okay if I didn't have a loan and a child, but I still have a loan of more than 2,000 yuan to pay in the next month, and I have to pay the daily expenses of my 2-year-old son, and I am in a bad mood. (We married not long after the child, no savings) I know not to blame my husband, but I really tired, envy those who live without burdens, I do not want to be unhappy with my husband, because I still love him. I want to ask you, have you ever met a husband or wife unemployed? And he (she) is the main breadwinner of the family? How does everyone get through this stressful time? No one with no matter, I just vent a lot of things, say it out people will be comfortable I have no one to say, so had to come here to take a bubble. When it's a long vacation, it's urgent, take your time! I have met, my husband stayed at home for half a year, we pay more than three thousand loans every month, can not force him, he must be more urgent than you. A good job depends on fate, my husband after others found him, and now it is quite good. ### Adjust your mentality and consider the direction! Don't worry, a good horse will meet a good Bo Le. Because I consider my husband's money is too little, I am the main moneymaker, so even if I am not happy, I dare not quit and change jobs at will, it is very depressed. ### This depends on the opportunity, there is no hurry. Fortunately, my family's economic source is mainly LG, if that day LG unemployed at home, if some savings are OK, if not, that is miserable. A good job is not urgent, anxious to achieve sometimes counterproductive ### # part of social reasons, difficult ah, I have also encountered this situation, and my wife's salary is not enough to replace the mortgage, the pressure can be imagined, I believe your husband is more urgent than you, it doesn't matter, the rain will clear up. ### No rush. ### Save some spend it ~~ the sky will not fall money ### mentality to be better… Do you remember your wedding vows? Heaven has no way to kill people, to believe! My husband also resigned yesterday and went home, originally wanted to do the end of the year, the company forced him to go to Guangzhou, but also met a bad person, he fired the boss. Ah, I am also sick recently just had an operation, there are many self-funded projects behind the treatment, a shot is more than 2000 ah, but also urgent, can only hope that his recent interview can have hope ### No work is not necessarily poor, financial resources to be widely entered, open source! ### Loan back more than 2000 is actually quite good… If you buy an expensive house, if something goes wrong, it's a tragedy. Think of the good, don't be too pessimistic.### # I LG unemployment for 5 months in the first half of this year, ha ha, I was also anxious to get angry, but the same useless ah. And if you are anxious, there will be words, you LG pressure must be much bigger than you, you put pressure on him, think about how he can bear it? Don't you feel bad? No matter how anxious you are, you should pretend to be easy, do a good job of LG's wife, and don't add other pressure to him. ### This can't be rushed, don't spoil the mentality. There are more job opportunities at the beginning of the year. Come on, there will be milk, there will be bread, everyone will be happy. ### # Theoretically, you should set aside 3-6 months of expenses as an unemployment reserve, when both people have incomes.3-6 months of expenses include basic expenses, child support and total mortgage payments. In this way, if one person has no income for the time being, they will not be too anxious.### # Originally published by qq1976: In theory, 3-6 months of expenses should be prepared as an unemployment reserve, when both people have income.3-6 months of expenses include basic expenses, child support and loan repayment. That way, if one of you has no income for a while, you won't be too anxious. That makes sense. ###LZ, I am even worse than you,LG last year the company was really sad, but also almost played a lawsuit, the company has not recovered, we have a mortgage of 10,000! Not to mention our living expenses, because I have not been looking for a job since I got married, and now I want to have a baby, but we are slowly coming over, don't worry, the bridge will cross naturally! Now I am also continuing to study, work and things are gradually better. I also stay at home lg, generally 3 months cycle, you only 2 months ah will soon have a new job, 2 people spend some effort to discuss interview skills, resume level, interview questions. That's how we got here with all this real stuff… Don't bother. It'll hurt feelings. When you lg job stability, you also give yourself a vacation ###… There's a lot of people out of work right now. ### Originally published by ritamargaet :… There's a lot of people out of work right now. Is active unemployment, in fact, the work can be found, the mentality of the problem. Work is gone, you can find, but don't hurt feelings because of money, feelings are gone, a lifetime can not find back MM go back don't give your husband pressure, because his heart is certainly not happy, there are difficulties, only two people work together to get through, There's no point fighting about money ### I quit when I was pregnant and stayed home,LG never complained. And buy me anything I want right away. So you must not give you LG pressure, to believe that husband and wife heart its power to break gold oh! I think I can only lose my job, not my husband! Ha ha more selfish! The owner of their own work to keep ah do not have the idea of fooling around, after all, the family expenses also rely on your salary. LG work you do not force him, work is not urgent, should have some savings before. A few months should be emergency should not difficult # # # I've recently on the edge of the unemployed, the company at the end of the year to disband, depend, again want to scold the Ministry of Commerce… Fortunately, several companies have invited me to interview recently, which finally makes me feel hopeful, otherwise…….. After the year I want to get married, now is the time to spend money, how so unlucky, let occasionally meet anti-dumping………….