It's not good to have a lot of exes

The first time for a woman is very important, once lost, her future boyfriend will therefore hate her, this hate everyone has, but some are temporarily covered by various conditions, women don't care about the boyfriend's first time, in fact, the feeling is the same. This hatred is likely to turn a good boyfriend into a person who ruined her, some people may play with her over and over again, play enough, some people may let her pregnancy over and over again, some people burn her with cigarettes, some people think of various ways to humiliate her, of course, in the name of love, but no one is really willing to marry her, Unless the man is determined by various conditions to marry only her, every man is waiting for a pure woman to marry, otherwise he will be difficult to relax. So now such girls began to look for uncle, because uncle has experienced, care about relatively little, but uncle to get married, is not like to be more conscientious, unless you have not thought about marriage. ### Do you know what you're saying ### You dare to mock Father X ### What have you been through… Do chickens fly eggs? ### like cm ,,,,,### Why men will take cigarette ironing women, really have this kind of thing? ### I believe there are ### what random words