You don't expect some animals to spit ivory out of their mouths

Is it not an insult to the Creator to have a dirty mouth and still seek to be clean?
There is no right or wrong feelings! But the combination is wrong, and the most painful construction proposal lies in the improvement of awareness
Brother can't sleep, let's borrow your couch.

I think cleanliness should be "good-natured, decent, well-spoken, neatly dressed, and out of trouble."
But now people ah, not to be free to mark their own, is actually weird. Three words do not leave the dirty word, the beautiful name is: straight. Dress on the belly exposed under the stock, the beauty of the name: trendy. Sleep with you today, sleep with him tomorrow, beautiful name: freedom.
While lamenting the ancient heart, while living decadent indulgence.
While requiring the object to be pure and exclusive, while he has already been "reading countless people."
Confucius said: Do not do to others what you have done well. But now people, but the eyes only look at others do not look at themselves.
So all ran to the forum to fool around, no one looked up to who.
Ordinary people should also practice to improve their moral cultivation, cultural cultivation and ability cultivation, why worry about having no wife and husband.

I understand who the brother is talking about, and let me also say something about the general phenomenon through his behavior. o
Oh, you care.
Easy to get along with.
Men have plenty of time

Building at this late hour

It's all loneliness

One lonely, two wrong
Oh that is the so-called dung green
Support. What a refreshing text.
Not only attacked the ugliness of reality, but also showed the pure heart
Speaks for a lot of people
Cleanliness is not self-talk and self-painting, but whole-hearted transparency,
Confucianism has influenced China for thousands of years, and it has always been carried by men
Nowadays, some men have forgotten the manners that men should have: gentle and elegant, generous and massive
Has been sven swept, but still in this big talk: find clean
This is the biggest trick in the world
Support the host,
To the point, bright and light
May everyone here have a good life! I also want to make progress on my emotional road
To quote a smart woman on the forum: Some people don't have to take it; Some posts don't need to be topped
Good post must be top
The host said what many people have long wanted to say, support!
This post must be top

Don't let a stinky fish mess up the pot and make people reluctant to post

Some posts really don't need to top, let him sink his own best

Everyone continue to maintain the good atmosphere of the forum

Even if you can't find a mate, it's always good to have more friends
Find out what is so late at night still toss the Internet? fierce
Must be a crab!