Go to Thailand to catch dragon's tendon can really be aphrodisiac??

In Thailand, there are many things that can make old drivers smile, and today we are going to learn about an ancient Thai massage method with more than 4,000 years of history - grab dragon tendons, which makes men and women show "evil smile" massage really has such magic? Is it true that the legend is better than taking aphrodisiac drugs?

What is a dragonbone grab?
First of all, grabbing the dragon's tendon is really not a masturbation, nor does it provide sexual services, if you have such a request the store will kick you out of the door. Grasping dragon tendons, in fact, is a very small Thai massage, through the massage kneading waist abdomen kidney and perineum, scrotum and other parts, press Guan yuan, middle pole, curved bone and other points to promote blood circulation of organs, vomiting, new, smooth meridians, and then promote the good operation of male physiological function. Because of the complexity of the technique, there are fewer masseurs who will grasp the authentic dragon tendon massage.
"Grasping the dragon's tendons" sounds mysterious, but in fact many pharmacological sources and Chinese traditional medicine physiotherapy are similar. In ancient times, technicians would grab dragon tendons for the emperor, and it is said that there is a secret technique of giving birth to a boy. Of course, giving birth to a boy may be superstition, but grabbing dragon tendons does have the effect of strengthening the kidney, especially in this hot and humid weather in Thailand, grabbing dragon tendons can relieve men's fatigue, and speed up the blood circulation of the reproductive system.

Health and medicine is not the same, grab dragon tendons can not replace any drugs, have prostate disease to go to the hospital rather than to massage parlour! And it won't immediately turn you on or make you look like you took Viagra! It won't immediately make your liver and kidneys look new! For some friends with epididymal varices caused by problems such as epididymitis, after massage you will find that the dull pain before will be greatly relieved, from this point of view, it is helpful to fertility.

As for whether it will be painful, different technicians will have their own characteristics, but in general, the techniques of the technicians will be relatively gentle and there will be no pain. People with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and short-term major internal surgery should not do the tendon massage, high blood pressure or low blood pressure massage, please inform the technician before.

Where to experience the dragonstring grab?
At present, there are many massage shops in Thailand that hang sheep heads and sell dog meat, most of which are aircraft shops under the guise of grabbing dragon tendons. In December, there was a Gay massage shop (Gay Spa) specializing in providing dragon tendons services that privately provided sexual services and was ordered to close by the police.
Such a "black clinic" grab dragon tendons not only did not play a health treatment effect, but let people more hurt the body, grab dragon tendons itself is a very test technician level of work, the requirements of the technique, finger sensitivity, massage intensity requirements are very high, after all, dragon tendons position is a man's most sacred position, in case of a little mistake is not possible, So be sure to choose a regular massage shop!