Left? Did you lose your virginity to the right?

You use your brain ah, see she said so must have given to the right, did not see the wages are paid ah, give me one or two gold back to my left, we are afraid you are pregnant with the right child ah, it is not a loss of death ah entangled, you are saying that the wind is the rain… Smiling and silent, maybe, but also beat the fetus, over the birth… Well, youth damage, mental damage, more… Are not what a good bird even the opportunity also do not like to make friends on the Internet do not return to wish you dull sound big fortune with the campus card What is the campus card ah? Ha ha ha today sunny sunny for the next few days we separate has been 97 days except for the last time you make mean never seen labor once met separately in the first few days I didn't cry strongly a really rare, especially for the crying I treasure my side after splitting of blossoming peach blossom open so far after my boys have 3 and it is clear to marry my wife do miserable they are smaller than I had ever How many times have I rejected the ambiguity for you just to give me an uncertain future and then what? I can't afford to play or hurt my family to support my decision, but I know they are in a hurry! The one who couldn't let go of me was your MAMA who sent me strawberries two days ago and gave me a lot of delicious food today. I know that I am the kind of child who likes old people. I really don't want to refuse her and hurt her heart again and again! And hold their own but have to carry a tired to show a smile I know I will be good for sure there will be a Sen to hold me in his arms so that I no longer cold! Heheh. 8 Cry 2012 has not seen, to today just 97 days. Thank you for your kiss 79 days… I hope he's okay. I hope he's okay