Met an online friend!! Scared the shit out of me!!

Today to see the net friend, City God Temple meet, about 5:30, phone, where are you? Standing before the Bodhisattva. Fuck, I saw that girl with two Tyrannosaurs. Brother wanted to leave at that time, but it was too late. People saw it. I had to eat it, and two tyrannosaurs gobbled it up. Those two dinosaurs don't want to remember now! The leading lady has a thing for me! After dinner, brother immediately withdraw!!! Well… It looks good in pictures, but real people, it's… Daaaaaa! That's your fault, man. I expect you'll be scorned around here. Can you eat with a fire extinguisher? You just got out of a desert island, Bodhisattva bless you! I barely ate, just drank Sprite. It's already late, and if you don't invite them to dinner, then it's inhuman and too ungentlemanly, and you'd rather throw away a few hundred dollars than be told by someone behind your back to take a shower a few hundred dollars Well, that's what I think! It could be the whole thing again it's a physical association, but the demeanor is okay. I won't criticize you. But now that I say it, I think men are too shallow. Snow version of the presence is far from welcome, but also hope to forgive!! You're welcome! You should! If you're surprised, please eat with me, or noodles. I met a netizen ten years ago, and so far I am afraid, so the next ten years, I don't see a netizen I want to see! If you still exist in this world. Then the world no matter what. It all makes sense to me. But if you're not here. No matter how good the world is. It's just a desert in my eyes and I'm like a ghost. It's $6,000. Why are they in half? Why do I feel like this is never going to end? I just got here, and it's hot!