When all kinds of soldiers and girlfriends go shopping and meet a gangster

When the army and his girlfriend went shopping and met a rogue, "he" roared to the group of rogue with a standard military posture: "I am the Chinese People's Liberation Army", the rogue saw its trend, did not dump, and then the army roared: "Wait, I go to open an armored car"! → When the navy and his girlfriend go shopping and encounter a rogue, he said "wait until I go back to open a nuclear submarine"! → When the air force and his girlfriend went shopping and met a rogue, they shouted to a group of rogue: "Asshole, my girlfriend also dare to flirt, wait for me to open" J-11 "!" → When the two 軳 and his girlfriend shopping encounter a rogue, it does not panic to say: "You are so tired of living, so I open 99 main battle tank to blast your grandmother!" ☆→ When the armed police and his girlfriend go shopping and meet a rogue, they only see a left swing, right hook, left kick and put down a piece, saying: "Fuck! Is there anything else…" ! You really are one of the few people who have ever been really boring LZ, I support you to get your money back, come on, and such a man? Is that true? Commenter. I've been reading your posts here for days. Began to say love, to get married, as if to fly together and then break up, every day here pretend to be pure, say how much love him, to go with a person who does not love flash marriage, can not let him now turn, here play shrew you are not disgusting ah, this man is really this can not blame the main girl if fall in love with a person then do anything for him unfortunately this man does not know what broke up, In fact, LZ still likes his LZ request to return the money normally, how know that man will be such a person, a rogue I think I am very understanding of LZ he will not return you, but he will think of you when he sees the phone. LZ this extreme even on the sky is rare alas, accompany you for so long, even if the youth compensation is not OK, are the extreme support LZ I help you get the money back then do not want to come back, I used to that 15 thousand, I did not want to, he said no money, and then I did not go to want, there is no need to contact with this kind of, no words, extreme are, mentality problems.