Good article, so turn to share with the public, viewers please calm down - "Please be kind to the man who sleeps with you"

Men are much smarter about the aftermath of relationships. Talking about the woman who has had a skin-to-skin relationship, the man always says with a strange smile: "She makes me want to die, great." A man clearly knows that the quality of the woman with whom he has an affair determines his quality, vision, ability and physical strength. Conquering a mediocre "pork chop" is not a matter of honor, and conquering a sexy object requires a great deal of luck and decency. So, even if the opponent is a dinosaur, he will describe her as a fairy, even if the girlfriend is not good in bed, he will declare how good she is. For women who have had sex with themselves, even if there is no love, a man still has a trace of tenderness in his heart. After Madame Pompidou became Louis XV's lover in 1745, the relationship lasted 19 years until her death, during which time he had numerous new lovers, and his love for her has long been divided among those young and beautiful lovers. When Madame Pompidou complained about Louis XV's philandering, the maid comforted her by saying, "However much the king likes fresh women, he is used to your stairs here, and he likes to go up and down here." As the king of a country, his harem of countless beauty, occasionally visit, but to give the aging lover to leave a point of affection and comfort. Men tend to be much more affectionate and kind toward lovers who have had intimate relationships. Women think they are loyal to love, but in the matter of bed, they are much more irresponsible than men. When in love, she likes to use the body as a bargaining chip, seduce him in bed to tease him to conquer him; When making qi, she likes to use her body as a tool and forbid his touch to enter as a punishment; After breaking up, she likes to treat the body as a paper, crying endlessly, "I meet him when I have my period, how can he do this to me?" "He likes SM and I try to cooperate, what is he not satisfied with?" "If it wasn't for him, how could I have cervicitis? No man is a good thing!" The boudoir that men most do not want to disclose is laid bare in the complaints of women for sympathy. It turns out that women not only like to punish men with sex, but also like to retaliate against men by making fun of sexual ability, and she does not hesitate to destroy her image and expose her privacy to let her ex-boyfriend fail. It's like a gambler who bets on sex, wins with high breath, and loses with a beat. There is no more unscrupulous gambler in the world. In an American movie, a strange man and woman meet in a bar, and after a one-night stand, the man wakes up to find that the woman is gone. There was only a steaming breakfast on the table, with a note under toast that read "Have a nice day!" Although he can't remember her face at all, he can't remember the feeling of drunken sex, and even in a moment of sober regret for his impulse, all of this eventually disappears because of her kindness, and he even tells his friend smugly: "Hey, I had a great encounter last night." Even if there is no love as a major premise, in the decision to naked relative, the moment of communion, we at least palpitate, whether it is a night or 10 years, when we build the most defenseless intimate relationship, then why after getting out of bed completely overturn, acrimony? Just as all mothers believe that the child once stationed in their womb is the best, so he who has entered your body is distinguished from others by his close contact with you, and should be cherished and protected. After making love, do not highly praise, occasionally visit or smile blessing, then at least keep your mouth shut, kind to the man who has slept with you, in order to explain your physical and mental delivery of caution. Look at LZ's face sitting on the sofa is very long, bench sitting slowly look at floating sister, early ah… It's so nice of me… Watch urgent early, I did not read the article… View can, do not view can also, the reply is a guest… Ha-ha… The old rules of mother reception first 5 catties wow haha too long, a little lazy to see. Men, men and women, are women LZ excusing men? Make no difference