How about the pork and beef sold at Takasaki Vegetable Wholesale Market

If the price is cheaper than other wet markets or supermarkets, the quality will be better. Good price, expensive good beef and mutton can, pork looks white, I have not bought

●[Parents' story] What do you eat?
It's a little late to finish recording songs in the afternoon, so stay at home at night, refrigerator broccoli tomatoes, all cooked noodles to eat it! I got home late today, so I cooked it more casually. My dinner sister today, you eat this at night, I can't bear to dry my dinner black chicken, chicken soup, green pepper meat slices, green vegetable seedlings.

● Ms. Wu's teaching achievements
Miss Wu is in a good mood today and took this person to skateboarding to learn! Ha ha ha play, smiling from ear to ear! Very impressive. Very brave to unlock new skills. Knee pads and wrist pads are not in place.