Families, do me a favor. Analyze it. What should I do about a contract dispute

The first two years rent a storefront. To tell the truth, it is very expensive 4w a month deposit 10w yuan this year's business is too difficult. I was going to return the house to the landlord but the landlord asked me to pay him six months rent if the deposit was not refunded. The contract has a breach of contract. One of them does say breach of contract two of them. Let's see what I can do. [expression][expression][expression] Let's see if number one and number two are in conflict. Rent are a lot of pits, the one-year contract, the expiration of the two sides did not say renewal, the tenant lived for a few months do not want to rent, want to withdraw the deposit, the landlord will take the contract to say: the contract expires, the two sides have no objection will renew the original contract time for one year, so you have to live for another year to return the deposit, everyone must confirm the rental contract to rent again. You can add 10% to a day's rent. Oh, my God, this is obviously protecting the landlord. Didn't you read the contract when you signed it? See a lawyer to see if there are any "manifestly unfair" clauses in the contract. Anyway, you can't get the deposit back, so let's renew it for two months… Now most people sign contracts or use software to sign electronic contracts will not seriously read through, there have been a few lawyer friends said too much to chew the words is safer, the owner of this time or try to negotiate with the landlord, you are a real talent, this contract you also sign, this contract is obviously unfavorable to you, the seller breaches the contract, only need to compensate you for 6 months rent, It has not been indicated whether the 6-month rent includes the deposit you pay, even if it does not include the deposit, the 6-month rent may not even be enough for your initial investment, you have breached the contract, you have paid 100,000 yuan deposit, but you have to pay another 6 months rent, which is equivalent to 340,000 yuan, so this clause is obviously unfair, and directly ignore the other party. This even if the other party sued to win the probability is very small to support the original! Interesting topic! Oneself silly, do not look at the signing of the sale contract, how can do, people have stipulated that the early return to compensate for 6 months rent deposit must be returned, things are removed directly to leave is, to Sue let him go to Sue what are you afraid of? I believe the court will not support this overlord clause, even if you support you or have to compensate you for the loss of what? One is active compensation, the other is enforced only, for you you have nothing to lose. According to the first do not pay, and then breach of contract, automatically released, that is, loss of 100,000 deposit + liquidated damages (4*12) *20%= 196,000, according to the second proposed early release, compensation 4*6= 240,000, the deposit of 100,000 can be returned, loss of 140,000 [this post was re-edited by Kang Wentan in 2023-09-29 10:54] have written for 6 months, There is no, if there is no writing, 3 months to want, you can transfer others, if there is to accept, fortunately, no one, there is no, you can only find a lawyer to help you sort out the rationality of the terms, but I feel that your this is a unilateral contract terms of Party A's interests