2023, please be happy深圳邪骨場推介

You want to be happy in the New Year, clean up your own clean point, go out more, if you encounter a beautiful flower, steal a fold, put in the book case, even if there is no fragrance, it also has its story, tell quietly in the side, you do not have to understand, it will use its way to tell you;
The New Year you want to be happy, the once unknown, do not give up…… Put it down for now. The heart is so small, the world is so big, it's not worth some trash and sadness. You listen, the birds are singing, fireworks are setting off, even if there is no sunshine, the gradually blooming wintersweet also tells you all the time: the beauty of life;
The New Year you want to be happy, those promises that can not be fulfilled when the wind, those who did not wait for the dream, those missed things as clouds… In the New Year, tell yourself: I know how to pay but enough is enough, I know how to stick but will stop the loss in time;
If you want to be happy in the New Year, you can spend more time reading, even if it is previously read, at this time the situation is different, the feeling will be different. Can also learn something more, drawing or writing worth mentioning, even if it is embroidery and what is not? How much you learn is not important, the important thing is that time will make you better. Oh, or many to learn a few dishes, family gatherings, can also show off. And you must exercise, health is the most valuable wealth;
The New Year you want to be happy, want to buy things on it, as long as your strength allows; Go where you want to go, as long as you have the conditions; Go to see the people you want to see, anyway, the time is vast, who knows if you will see again;
You should be happy in the New Year, spend more time with your parents, even if you don't buy anything, do nothing, talk to them, make them laugh, is the best interaction for them. After all, the world is not as warm as you think, and home is the only paradise where you can play, be happy, and be at ease…
You must be happy in the New Year. I must be happy, too.
Create a happy life to the United States
Jiangsu's lyric prose master works are very good, praise.
When you meet a beautiful flower, you steal one?
I cherish the flower people can not bear, I planted roses and roses, amazing people, every year neighbors in front of the flower wall, I am not willing to cut it for everyone to enjoy. I'll just photograph it, paint it and keep it. Cut a few when the flowers are flourishing.
No one else's flowers will move.
Beautiful talented girl, good fun, I wish you happy every year, happy every day.
I caught an o(∩∩)o who stole flowers Woe to you, a literati who steals flowers… Happy New Year! Nowadays, it will be light after seven o 'clock, like me, who is used to getting up early, eat breakfast and wait for dawn? Go for a run! o(∩∩)o
The heart of beauty and beauty of their own, must be a benevolent person. I'll give you a hundred thumbs up…
I have self-knowledge, dare not climb it, dare not dare not, you have been so casual, still running? We worked our asses off. Heh heh.
People who work hard to make money, wives are rushing to your house? o(∩_∩)o
Thank you?
Stealthily, when no one is around. Ha-ha
Thank you
Roadside flowers, really uncivilized, pay attention to later, thank you
Good things always can not bear to let it disappear, no matter flowers, animals, people or language, behavior, morality, order, as long as it is good, they want to maintain.
You must be very popular, is the virtue of the son of a prosperous husband, praise!
I took a terrible poor person to support a rich man, and used the greatest patience to reduce the bad impact, but it seems that it is not necessarily right. Because my son has said that I left late, the kind of parents look together and separated environment has a worse impact on the child, like a horror movie you don't know what will happen later.
I thought of a way to fix it.
I left, but with my tolerance and compassion, I still gave my ex-husband the best space for development, after all, he is also a lot of hard work from scratch, I did not find him to ask for decades of huge marital joint property, nor did I go to the unit to make him as he guessed, I just silently cried and quietly dispersed, as if he had never been in my life. Throughout the marriage I sacrificed my education and career to help him, and ultimately did not profit from him, to see if he could understand what is true in the world. I comfort myself when I owe him in my previous life, smart little walk, do not have to make chickens fly dogs jump, money I will earn, if reading so many books are not arranged their own life, it should also suffer me.
Although I have thought many times to seek revenge for the third party, for the harm their shamelessness brought to me, my son and my parents, but the root is in the ex-husband, if those third parties know how much I paid for my ex-husband, I am afraid that they do not necessarily have the heart to destroy. In the end, it's not worth wasting my time on bad people and ruining my mood, and bad people will take care of themselves.
In the future, I will only love the people I want to love and deserve to love. I have considered my children and even future generations, bought a romantic and beautiful house to repair the trauma caused by family separation, and increased his psychological energy by accompanying and meticulous care for the child.
The problems caused by my young and naive blind love and blind trust after marriage I will solve myself. Now I feel less pain, worry is gone, life is secure, the future is in my own hands, and my heart is a lot more stable.
Men have money to learn bad, sit with not chaos few. Live a good life, the life is too long is victory! Bless you!
It's so beautiful
Thank you, sister. That's the truth. I also wish my sister happiness!
Similar experience, since leave, put down, only put down, can start, refueling?
thank you
I strive to be just as beautiful.
I don't want to talk about it
You don't get contacted unless you're really good.
Question marks, of course, should be attributed to the content of opportunity and fate. No matter what kind of beginning, compared to the later process, it is not important. The important thing is: whether has acquiesced can be an unknown beginning.
Emotion is something everyone has the right to have. Whether it's disgust or love or tastelessness. If it's an attribute aversion emotion, it's a simple decision to deal with - just avoid it. If it is a favorite emotion, it should be not difficult to give a pre-judgment after self-consideration because of the preparation of the early question mark stage. The hardest part is probably dealing with neutral emotions that don't matter. Psychologically speaking, this kind of emotion in a neutral state is because the balance of advantages and disadvantages occupies a dominant position in the rational combing process. The so-called process of chasing men and women in life basically presents such a complex. And in the end, most stories end in failure. The reason is that the exchange of interest attributes cannot carry more extensive connotation.
Emotion, must be a kind of precipitation after emotional tempering. Generally speaking, the more cruel the grinding, the more precious the precipitation. The process is mutual. This is a very advanced process that has removed the trading component from itself, so both will feel that it is worth the effort. What the future holds may not matter much. If cultivation is good, it is the next step of love; if cultivation is lacking, it is a sad and fruitless story. But compared to more grass life, is already something to be proud of.
love, not out, temporarily omitted
Words are not allowed to be given.
I suddenly feel like I've strayed into a junkyard
Clearly is "I" pleasing to the eyes of the back garden!
How can it be a dump for boring people?
Love is a higher emotion, not a lower emotion.