I am also after 90, half a year after the annual salary of 800,000, can I have a girlfriend

I am also after 90, half a year after the annual salary of 800,000, can you have a girlfriend NC again! Wooden kiss head! Dear, today April Fool's Day, and rapeseed flowers have opened oh ~ April 1 Lanzhou pancake, identification completed sb. ? Stop teasing daddy! Jiulei Mountain welcomes you to play…….. Grandpa is waiting for you to go to the grave and burn paper money! Good: : Stop teasing your grandpa. It's so stupid.
Every day when I get to the market, I don't know what to buy. Ask the family the night before what they want to eat? Answer: Whatever. It's hard to walk around the market and find anything fancy. So, what kind of food do you buy at home every day? I'm scared to buy groceries. Make a list of recipes for a week and buy from them! Just got married, right? Now the weather is good, I usually buy two days of food at a time, baby and husband usually like, and then buy their own favorite, reasonable nutritional meat and vegetables can not think of what to eat, I buy food once a week, store in the refrigerator. Yes, I also deeply feel the same, I don't like to buy food, buy me to burn it or can go before you want to think!! I don't know. My husband does the grocery shopping every day. My husband also bought it, see him busy in and out, I also occasionally go to the market to buy some vegetables to put in the refrigerator. Watching her husband buy food and cook hard. Now and then I'll let go of the occasional glitch. The value of man is understanding and tolerance. I'm happy with my little home. Never buy food passing by,, fish salted vegetable, bamboo shoots head salted vegetable sauce braised egg braised sea shrimp poached white shrimp in addition to stewed eggs, the other few do not eat. I already asked. Don't eat the egg stew after two days. Today, sweet and sour spare ribs, bone baby vegetable soup, scrambled egg with cucumber, steamed pomfret with salted vegetable sauce, my daughter ate soup and spare ribs. Husband said not to eat, to eat poached eggs and mustard soup. It's easy to say before you burn it, but it's not easy when you're done. Well… One day I am going to strike gray often gray often envy will cook dishes drop people, I also want to learn to cook I am willing to cook, not willing to buy food. I'm going on strike !!!!! Which way does the market door open?
You see, or do not see me I will be there do not sad do not like you read, or do not read my love is there do not come do not go you love, or do not love me love is there do not increase do not reduce you with, or do not with me my hand is in your hand do not give up do not abandon my arms or let me live in your heart silent love silent joy sofa and then I became a leading man, But Fate, the damn director, didn't tell me it was a bitter drama. Until the end of the series, I did not know how ridiculous the original pay and joy is…