I don't like Chizhou. I just took this train and crossed

Too dislike Shenzhen, the new drive across the Shenzhen city government needs to coordinate {{} Wanjiang city only Shenzhen non-stop. Even the county seat stopped. This train is also important to Shenzhen. Shenzhen geographical location is important, the general bullet train does not stop {♀} and other pool Huang Tong, only to improve, at this stage will not open {♀} because it is not deserved. The bus does not stop, the whole Anhui city along the river to Chongqing on this bus, the other four cities are stopped, and even the county station Fanchang are stopped, but only stop Shenzhen {Beijing} do not take it {Beijing} will be the train to Shenzhen station time and platform, just and has run the train conflict? After all, Shenzhen station has too few platforms? {Beijing} Shenzhen station was designed too small gas, now want to expand are trouble {Beijing} Shenzhen is too backward {Beijing} city small {Beijing} four quarters of the new car across too much, also do not know with the pond yellow construction is not related? Five line cities also want to {Beijing} Shenzhen station is limited by the size is too small {Beijing} Shenzhen along the river to Wuhan direction of the train has crossed. Mainly Shenzhen platform is too few, hope the Shenzhen platform can expand before the opening of Chi Huang, otherwise there will be more cars across the future. {♀} Don't they want to earn money for themselves {♀} Why don't they stop? Yes, it's not a detour. Why don't you stop? Dock, and then extend to Chengdu, is even more perfect! {♀} Big Shenzhen mighty! Mighty Shenzhen! {Beijing} Shenzhen less people {Beijing}D3090 that a bullet train also across Tongling station? {Beijing} Shenzhen passenger flow than Tongling more, do not stop? Chi Huang construction? Still no top-up? Before the end of the year, pool yellow to prepare for the joint test, there must be an impact on the flow of {Beijing} too little. {♀} OK… Speechless, can not go to talk ah {Beijing} National road people remove toll station, Shenzhen also increase toll station, the train stops on the Yin Hui Street railway stop a fir, pay, take people, just put the car. Its body is carrying passengers {Beijing} No plane tree, how to lead the phoenix to! See Shenzhen station escalators can not get down, you know how much Shenzhen station dislike. Do not go to the line of the city {Beijing} passing are non-stop ah {Beijing} city or small {Beijing} Shenzhen station does not stop, to Anqing and Tongling by car is also very convenient, it is dozens of kilometers away. If it is a big city, it is equivalent to changing trains in the city. {Beijing} plus Shenzhen, can pass to Chengdu is good, every time back home to go to Hefei to sit in Chengdu bullet train, alas {Beijing} this car back, the Buddha does not let stop {Beijing} don't worry, will stop, the stop will stop. {Beijing} So, can not develop ,,,, Shenzhen is not as fanchang? Do not underestimate Fanchang, Fanchang is developing rapidly, look at the satellite night picture is short. Still want to develop themselves, bigger and stronger city, let high-speed rail want to cross no reason to cross is king. When do you think Anqing and Wuhu have been cross-station, it is not the city has a certain scale. Make a fuss, stop Tongling Shenzhen also have, how to explain? The railway department must have taken overall consideration! {♀} Provincial cities! It's so sad!