Homeless during Spring Festival

The Spring Festival of the wandering home, curling birds return to the nest, but the merciless ice and snow blocked my way home, this year I spent the Spring Festival and birthday in the unit dormitory, more or less lost, but my mother also had to report good news, but also happily tell her the old man Spring Festival I went to my colleague's home, their home is ready for anything, As long as I prepare a mouth to eat, my mother also told me on the phone that I should go to my colleague's home in advance to help with gifts, to give children lucky money, but also I take care of my health and so on. All I could do was cry in bed at night.
I feel tired and want to have a home, a small but warm home, there are me and a dear him at home, but too many foreign factors make you and me remarried more rational, no courage to give up bread for love, and my round figure is three no people "no room, no money, no body" also makes many men discouraged, I always think that my that he must be waiting for me somewhere, but our fate has not arrived. I've got to find him
The Spring Festival is coming here to wish you a happy New Year and all the best !!!!
Well said! In fact, everyone is the same! All have their own difficulties! Wish you a happy New Year! Head on
Support the host!
Have the same feeling!
I was house-sitting for a colleague,
Every day is surfing the Internet, eating, sleeping,
Surf the Internet, eat, sleep,

Can't do anything,
How boring that was!
It's all that snow!
Like me, bitter !!!!!!!!!!!
Why don't you go back to your parents' house for Chinese New Year
In fact, their parents' home is also their own home
In the past three years
I have always lived with my parents
That kind of kinship is nothing like it
If permitted
I really want to stay with my parents for the rest of my life
Although we are the same destination, but each person's experience is different, difficult ah!
There are many people who can not go home during the Spring Festival, and no one can predict the things of natural disasters and man-made disasters, only to convince their parents that we do not want them, not love them, and we will go back after a period of time…
The day that should feel warm, will feel cold! But ~~~
I wish a happy Spring Festival!
Find out if there are any bachelorette parties in your local area, so you won't feel lonely with lots of people together. Wish you a happy New Year!
The snow disaster brought trouble to many people's lives this year. Wait for the road to go home and family reunion Ha ha ~ I wish happy Spring Festival:)
I enjoy eating, drinking and having fun with my parents, sisters and friends every year. A person's world should also be wonderful, easy life, care for themselves.
I wish you a happy year of the Rat and all your wishes come true!
I am now in Xi 'an, I am Huaihua people in Hunan Province is just the ice and snow disaster area, I want to go back, but how do I go back, walk it, ha ha to buy a train ticket people listen to is to Hunan Xiangxi, told me that there are hundreds of thousands of people on the road, I must not go back years ago.
A warm welcome to my home. Accompany me for the New Year! Hehe…… My home is only my mother here to accompany me for the New Year, it seems a little cold, you will be a lot of lively oh! Guangdong is also your home. Give your home warmth, good?????????
If you are in Shaanxi, I will definitely go
First day home, hehe
Wishing you a happy New Year!!!!!!!!
thank you.
Oh, finally home, wait until 6 o 'clock and take an hour car can go home
Don't be lonely and lost, northeast fellow, maybe every festival times miss relatives, years will be better, you are not the most lost in the world. As long as you keep hope in your heart, 2008 will be a happier year,
You know, you look at the TV, now there are many southerners because of the snow can not return to their hometown for the New Year, the situation is also different, think of these, you should know that you are not the most lonely person
Your condition does not prevent you from finding love
I hope you have a wonderful holiday
Yeah, the exchange rate feels good
Sister, be strong. There is no woman who cannot marry. Only men who can't get wives. I'm just as much a no-man's man as you are. I haven't given up on a single man. What are you afraid of. Come on, everybody. It will work out.